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Winter Exercises to Get Lean

| December 4, 2012 | 1 Comment
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36886057 201x300 Winter Exercises to Get LeanUnlike a large part of the U.S. , the beach is more mild in the winter.  It hasn’t started to get so cold yet that you can’t still wear a T shirt on most days. The ocean has dropped six to eight degrees from summer so a good wet suit is in order.

There are two or three levels of exercise depending on what your body is currently adept at. Going from the couch to the extreme will cause injury and the pain will discourage further activity in the future.  One level is aerobic where you are getting the heart to pump faster than normal. A second level is anaerobic where the heart pumps a little faster but for a longer period of time. The third level is interval training where you accelerate and then slow down.

If you are out to lose weight, most experts would say that interval training is more effective than just getting your heart rate up for a half to full hour. If you are running or on a machine, you would run fast and then slow down for a minute or two rest and then build up to speed again for a few to several minutes and then slow down again.

You could do the same thing walking.  Walk at 3 mph and then speed up to 5 mph and then slow down to 3 mph again.  I find that running stairs is good interval training as I run up and walk down. Bike riding has great opportunities and I especially like a course with a few hills.  Surfing is great interval training as you have to speed to catch waves.

As you get more capable over months of time you can sustain longer periods of higher heart activity.  A pound is about 3300 calories and an hour of jogging burns around 800 calories so you can see how much exercise you would need to really burn off pounds.  The body created 200,000 years ago needed to keep weight as man hunted for food. It hasn’t changed. Hunting for food at McDonalds is not what Mother Nature expected.

If you build up your exercise and eat more natural food, the body will release fat and use the calories you consume to fuel your thinking and exercise activity. In a long process, the body will get lean. Mother Nature holds on to weight until good eating satisfies her that you are not starving.


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Regular exercise is the only way to burn the excessive fats in the body. Since the dietary habits in this generation is related to more fats consumption the check of this excessive amounts are needed. But knowing right kind of exercise and if done with a personal trainer will be a real benefit for the person. Jogging and bicycling may be benefiting towards breaking up excess pounds in the body.

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