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Windows 8

| December 6, 2012 | 0 Comments
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windows8 300x152 Windows 8As a Computer Technician, Web Developer, and Network Administrator I have had my fair play in the world of technology. I could remember using Windows98 and it being the first operating system that I have ever gotten comfortable with. As the years pass by so did the different version of Windows, and I could say I have tested about 90% of them, but none were quite as successful as there Windows XP version.

Though I have branched out into the world of Linux for the past four year I still continue to use Windows XP over Vista, and Windows 7. The reasons for that are that I am very comfortable with Windows XP and also believe that the performance is better for the things that I do. I also believe that windows 7 is less user friendly and the security features are just annoying, but still over all a pretty good OS.

So as we all know by now Windows 8 is here, but the hype really is not. Since I don’t use windows much any more I was not worrying about trying or testing it at all. I had played around with the developers edition before, but was very unsatisfied, and was hoping that there stable edition was not going to be similar to what I had. I was wrong.

During Thanksgiving week amazon decides to put things on sale so I wanted to take advantages of one of there specials and bought a new Acer laptop. As I was reviewing the specifications I noticed that it came per-loaded with Windows 8, but did not think much of it so I went ahead and ordered it, and within 24 hours my new laptop had arrived. That’s when my nightmare began.

I took the laptop out of the box, connected that charger, and everything was going fine until the computer booted and there it was, Windows 8. My nightmare come true.

At first it took me some time to set everything up before I was able to begin using my machine, but once that was complete it took me about 10 minutes to find out how to get to my home page, and another 10 to figure out the search function “which if not for the internet if would have been a lot longer”. I also went ahead and installed most programs that I add to every windows machine I own, but for some reason those programs just kept crashing. Itunes for one was a big one that I use on the daily bases and was also the one that crashed the most..

The file directory was also a bit confusing and something different from the traditional one that I am use to, and also every program that I installed was eventually pinned to my start screen. Worst Idea ever. From being one who keep my desktop clean and organized at all times this was a big problem.

Honestly I felt like they were forcing me into learning a new operating system and believe me that if “I” decide to learn a new OS “Windows anything” would not be it. There are many great alternatives when it comes to open source and also it removes that proprietary relationship that corporations have over your machines.

I was also very unsatisfied with the way I needed to log-in to my computer. For some reason I had to synchronize my email account with my laptop which contained other personal information, and I needed to use that information to log-in. The problem there was that for security reasons I have always kept information separate and in this case I just did not really find that possible. As a computer technician I have had to recover hard drives and get into locked computers to either recover data or unlocked them, but never had access to so much personal information at once just because it was part of the operating system one was using.

I also spent about a day testing and doing on-line searches just to understand the operating system and that’s when I realized that Windows 8 was just not gong to be for me. So I quickly installed Linus Fedora on to my machine and my nightmare was over. I was back to developing and doing things the traditional way and with no worries that a program might crash on me and that my information would be lost.

Over all I believe that Windows 8 will be another “test” OS and that in a few years a newer updated version will be released with major improvements and a way better user experience. I still continue to be a big supporter of Windows because of what I could on there machines, but I would really like to see something great come from a corporation like that.

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