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Why Isn’t My Closet Organizer Keeping Me Organized?

| October 19, 2012 | 1 Comment
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Why Isn’t My Closet Organizer Keeping Me Organized?

There are many closet component systems out there designed to help keep your clothes off the floor of your closet, and yourself organized when it comes to dressing yourself.  And for those of you who purchased these systems and had them installed, you’ve probably found they didn’t necessarily pull you together faster or smarter.  So what’s the secret to getting dressed and getting to work on time?

Whether or not you have a small closet, walk-in closet or a system closet you can use the following ideas to help get you out the door smoothly.

  1.  Vertically organize the two outside ends of your closet rather than horizontally.  If you have a very large closet, then use vertical organization at 6-8 feet intervals.  Inside those vertical storage areas keep shoes, belts, scarves, gloves, accessories, and smaller items that correspond with the clothing they are near to.  Using vertical storage for these items helps keep them within eyesight and easy reach of what you’re pulling together.
  2. Organize your clothing by use – keep a section each, for casual, work, dressy and formal.  This allows you to stay in one section of your closet while you’re pulling clothes for use, rather than chasing or hunting through your closet.  You’ll be more focused on where you’re going and what you want to look like.
  3. Break down sections by color.  Again making it easier to find specific items.  Is that black skirt here or at the cleaners?  This may seem like too much… but take one afternoon to do it and manage it as you return clothes from your laundry.  Once you’ve given yourself a few weeks to adapt, not only will it help speed up your dressing time, it will speed up the time it takes to put everything as well.
  4. It’s said that if you haven’t worn it in a year – throw it out.  And generally this is a great rule to follow, unless you’re one of those people who’s weight fluctuates.  Most people have general wear, an item that is the basis or classic to their look, no matter the formality.  It may be jeans, or khaki’s or skirts.  With those items, feel free to keep a size below and a size above what you normally wear.  What helps hide those couple of extra pounds or makes the ones you’ve lost look smashing is proper fitting clothes!
  5. Last but not least – layout your clothes the night before.  If you’re like me you’ll still make last minute changes to what you’ve laid out, but it will still go much faster in the morning than starting from scratch.  If it’s a special event, begin at least one week before – lay it out, try it on with accessories (more than once is even better) and check for any mending or altering.

Using some of these tools will truly organize your closet, and keep you from leaving the house in your pajamas.

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