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Why I’m Straying Away From Facebook

| October 28, 2012 | 8 Comments
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Facebook Buttons 1 10 2 Why Im Straying Away From Facebook Have you noticed lately (in the last month or two) that you are no longer seeing posts from some of the business pages you have liked? I just checked this the other night on a couple of pages that I have liked (and people too). Facebook was great for me to keep up with all of the latest Social Media updates as they were all streamed to me. Pages such as Mashable, Hubspot, The Next Web, and Social Media Examiner to name a few. Now I no longer see their updates in the news feed even though I have liked their page. A post by mashable the other night was posted 20 minutes prior to me looking at their page and it never appeared in my news feed at all.


In the past month or two I have seen pages post information about if you wanted to continue seeing theirfb ads Why Im Straying Away From Facebook updates in the news feed you would have to actually comment on their posts. Simply liking the post wasn’t enough to keep them being streamed to you. I don’t know if there is any truth behind that but it seems true from the little testing I have done. This isn’t just business pages either. There are people that I engaged with on a regular basis and I have had the thought run through my head recently of “wonder what happened to them?” and quickly look only to discover they are still posting on a regular basis.


Facebook really starting the downward spiral when they came out with Timeline. Since then their updates have continued to make the platform worse. You used to be able to have a nice page that could convert. For 300-1000 bucks you could get a customized page equipped with a like gate where you could capture email subscribers with your FB Page. It gave small businesses a lot of opportunity to get leads with a small budget as well.


Some other changes in the past 2 years:


  • Switched from having 2 ad spots to being over run with ads on the side, in pictures, and now they are starting with mobile (already went from 2 to 3 ad spots in the last couple of months on mobile) When they had 2 ad spots I had many small business owners tell me they could successfully gain likes for 45$ a month. Not so much anymore.
  • Came out with Timeline (horrible feature that no one likes)
  • Tried featured and sponsored stories which they are still trying. You have to have 400 likes in order to use this on your business page.
  • Came out recently with the option of promoting your own personal posts. Now in order to even show up in newsfeeds you have to promote posts on the business page and on your personal page (last I checked it was 5$ minimum on business and 7$ minimum on personal)
  • Birthday gift buying. This is another desperate attempt by Facebook to make money off of the users. It’s already bad enough we are too lazy to call someone to wish them happy birthday (don’t worry I’m not above anyone I don’t call either) but I’m not going to send them a gift through Facebook.


fb on mobile Why Im Straying Away From Facebook I’m sure you can add some other reasons. The main one that gets me is what I mentioned above. It’s not a fair platform at all anymore and favors the bigger players with bigger budgets. Also as I mentioned I used it to get updates from all of those pages I liked and if that’s not working anymore then I will use a different network.


I still post to to Facebook on my personal and business page because I do still get clicks, but I no longer keep the Facebook tab open a lot and do not spend a great deal of time on there anymore. I have been keeping Google Plus open more now and know that Google Plus will pay off way more in about 6 months from now. Twitter is still the social network that the most clicks come from for any of the marketing I am involved in.


What do you think? Have you noticed this too?


 Why Im Straying Away From Facebook

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Adam Gottlieb @The Frugal Entrepreneur
Adam Gottlieb @The Frugal Entrepreneur 2 Like

Hi Matt,

I definitely agree with you, especially on this point: "It’s not a fair platform at all anymore and favors the bigger players with bigger budgets."


But, I think we have to remember that FB, from the start, was never really intended at a business platform. Though timeline may be absolutely annoying for businesses, it's actually a cool feature IMO for FB users.


And, yes, they are looking for ways to earn money off their users, but every company has to do that to keep running.


I think the main point for smaller companies to remember is that if they really want to be successful on FB, then it will no longer work to simply throw money into it. You have to make an effort on actual engagement, in other words, try a personal approach.

mattmassaro 1 Like

 @Adam Gottlieb @The Frugal Entrepreneur Ya I see your point. At this point I am just steering smaller businesses to the options that are going to give them the most for their time spent on the platforms. Twitter for example you can jump into universal conversations or geographically targeted conversations with 0 followers and still get the word out. Either way social media is a fairly large commitment regardless of business size to make it successful.

TomGeorge 1 Like

 @Adam Gottlieb @The Frugal Entrepreneur Hey Adam great points! You know what is kind of blowing my mind right now, I commented first on this post, right and Matt and I are are curator's I do Internet Billboards and anyway I just curated your story on  confused by alternative finance types on the site and checked my email and saw your comment here and noticed it was you, huh small cyberspace I guess LOL

TomGeorge 1 Like

Hey Matt,

Thanks for curating this great piece on IB, I had to read it because I have been thinking about this topic for sometime now. I have noticed every single point you have mentioned.  This is why you don't see me sepend to much time on Facebook and I like you am spending more time on Google Plus. Facebook is changing and many of the changes are not good for small business. 

mattmassaro 1 Like

 @TomGeorge Ya I am focusing my attention more on Twitter and Google Plus as well as letting clients know about the changes. It's no bueno! 


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