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What You Can Do in the Water in Oceanside

| December 8, 2012 | 0 Comments
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21831259 300x182 What You Can Do in the Water in OceansideOceanside is a mecca of outdoor activities and many of them are in the water. The ocean allows a lot of opportunities to explore and there are lessons for most of these sports. Learn now and make Oceanside a frequent visiting destination.

Surfing is the top local sport and one reason is that there are fun and usually available waves.  The Pier attracts the biggest crowd and beginners learn near the Pier because there is always a good foam wave.  Beginners can begin in foam and then there is usually an intermediate wave called the inside wave for advancing before they have to go outside for the bigger waves . Lessons  (10% off with Bonus Card)

Paddle Boarding is very popular and great for beginners because you can begin in the Harbor where it is smooth and after practice proceed to the ocean on a calm day. Riding small waves is easy on a paddle board because their volume allows them to be caught early and the big board volume makes them steady. Lessons  (10% off with Bonus Card)   Rentals  Rentals you have to transport

Kayaking is popular because once again you can begin in the Harbor in smooth water and then take it outside to the ocean.  There is an outrigger club if beginners want to get ambitious. Lessons   Rentals Rentals You have to transport

Scuba Diving is fun for sight seeing or fishing.  There are two local schools that help people get their license and OEX arranges trips to La Jolla or other destinations. Equipment, Rentals, Lessons, Trips  (Discount with Bonus Card)

Fishing is a favorite past time and there are many opportunities. If you have a license you can fish off the beach or the jetties or the boats. If you don’t have a license you can fish on the Pier.  Ocean Sports Fishing Boat

Renting your own water craft is simple and you can obtain jet skis, power boats, electric boats, sail boats, and paddle boats in the Harbor. Rentals

You can also rent almost everything that goes into the water like surfboards, paddle boards, kayaks, boogie boards, skim boards, wet suits, and diving gear. Rentals of boards   Rent Surfboards  Wetsuits and Boogie Boards

You can also arrange for charters to do some sailing or longer range fishing.See this site menu

When it comes to the water, Oceanside has it all.  See the Menu for more details


How about some surf or paddle board lessons in Oceanside

See all there is to do in Oceanside at and get a $2 Bonus Card to save 10% to 30% on  outdoor  activities and dining.

See where to eat and what to do at Oceanside Harbor Restaurants

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Surf and Paddle Board Instructor at Pier and Harbor in Oceanside. Author of 3 E Books all free at Post everyday on surfing or fitness on websites. Live on the beach at Oceanside and have to say, its not too bad.
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