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Wedding Decisions: Granny’s Ring Verses Discounted Rings!

| August 8, 2013 | 1 Comment
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There are many different traditions associated with weddings. Some brides prefer to follow them to the letter, while others would rather think outside the box and come up with traditions of their own. One common tradition is to use a wedding ring that has been passed down from an elder in the family, such as a parent or grandparent. If you’ve been hoping for a brand-new ring and felt disappointed when you were asked to wear an elder’s, consider keeping an open mind.

Reasons to Agree to Wear an Elder’s Ring

1. It Shows Your Commitment to Family - If you agree to go with an elder’s ring because you know it means something to your fiance or other family members, it will demonstrate maturity, depth and kindness on your part. This is especially true if, on some level, your fiance knows you would have preferred a brand-new ring. What better way to begin a marriage than with a selfless act that shows your commitment to family?

2. It Will Save Money - Every girl dreams of an expensive new wedding ring, but such things are not always possible. Not only will agreeing to wear an elder’s ring make a profound statement, but it will also ensure that you and your new husband have more money to spend on the honeymoon.

3. It’s Green - Every time you purchase something new, you add to your carbon footprint. A tiny ring may not seem like a big deal, but it is actually quite costly in more ways than one. In the United States, diamond prices have been massively inflated by the cartels, meaning that when purchasing a new diamond ring, you will likely be paying twice what it’s worth. Not only that, but overseas conflicts relating to the diamond trade have cost the lives of over 4 million people. This isn’t to say that you should feel guilty for enjoying a gorgeous new ring, but it’s definitely better for the earth if you can find one that has been previously owned.

4. Your Ring Will Have a History - There is something incredibly special about wearing a piece with history behind it, especially if there is a romantic story intertwined. If the ring you will be using came from your grandparents, who had a long-lasting marriage, then it makes sense to believe that some of that magic will be passed on to you. Not only is this beautiful to imagine, but the ring will also take care of the traditional requirement of wearing “something old” to your wedding.

5. It May Be a Gorgeous Ring - You should always wait until you see the ring to make any judgments, even if you were hoping for a new one. It may turn out that the grandmother’s ring is actually more gorgeous than the rings you were thinking about.

singlering1 300x200 Wedding Decisions: Grannys Ring Verses Discounted Rings!

If Granny’s ring is not an option there are countless ways to have the look you want at a fraction of the cost. There is no shame in keeping money in your pocket. Companies such as Super Jeweler online have beautiful ring selections that will not break the bank, and the selections are endless.

Reasons to Agree to Wear a Discounted Ring

1. It’s A Mature Decision - It’s a mature as well as a selfless decision to purchase items at a discount. It is even more mature if the item in question is a wedding ring. No one has to know how much you paid for your ring. Just keep that information to yourself.

2. It’s Economical - Just like granny’s ring, any time money is saved, happiness abounds. Choosing a ring at a lesser cost will show your “hubby-to-be” that you are all about him and not his money. You will also have what was saved available for future use.

3. More Choices - Instead of a handful of rings to choose from, you will have countless in your price range, which will make ring shopping even more exciting. Make plans to do some online ring shopping. Snuggle up with your hubby-to-be on the couch and shop to your heart’s content. Looking at discounted rings online is stress free and will do good things for your psyche.

No matter what you decide, remember that marriage will be a series of many compromises. When you agree to do something so special as wearing an elder’s wedding ring, or even wearing a discounted one, you create a powerful statement about who you are. If you’re lucky, the energy and love behind such a strong statement will last for many years to come.

Author Nickey Williams proudly sports her discounted wedding ring. Super Jeweler is known for having the best ring deals online, and their massive selection presents the most dazzling wedding jewelry out there that will perfectly complement anyone’s special day.

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