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Ways You Can Tell She’s the One

| August 9, 2013 | 1 Comment
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Many men find it difficult to make the decision to fully commit to their relationship; ie ask their girlfriend to marry them. After all, more than 40 percent of first marriages will end in a divorce, and this percentage goes up with each subsequent marriage. However, waiting too long to ask for someone’s hand in marriage can also lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, it is important for you to carefully consider your options without dragging the process out for an extended period of time. 

How Can I Tell that She’s the One?

There are multiple indicators that a couple is ready to get married, and many of them are universal. In fact, if your relationship does not have five key factors, you might want to consider looking at commitment rings instead of engagement rings, or rethink the partnership altogether.
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1. Honest Communication - In order to have a successful marriage, you will need to have a completely open door policy with your spouse. In other words, the two of you will need to feel like you can speak openly and honestly about anything. If you have been hiding certain aspects of your life, you need to decide whether or not you are willing to open up to preserve the relationship. If you are not willing to be open, take time to reevaluate the bond.

2. Compatibility - Although it is true that opposites attract, it is also essential for a couple to be compatible. This does not mean that you need to have all of the same interests, but it does mean that you need to have enough common ground to be able to enjoy each other’s company on a daily basis.

3. Courtesy - Sadly, many couples quickly abandon the basic concept of courtesy, and this will eventually erode the relationship. After all, you would not be okay with it if your friends were rude to you on a regular basis, and you should not accept that type of behavior from your spouse. Instead, you should incorporate politeness into your life, and remember to say please and thank you.

4. Passion - The passion that causes you to spend most of your time in bed together during the beginning of a relationship will not last, but it is essential for each person to still feel passionate when they look into the other person’s eyes. If you do not have moments where you feel almost overwhelmed by your passion and love for the other person, you should reconsider the relationship.

5. Outside Interests - New couples want to spend all of their time together, but it is vital for each person to be able to explore outside interests with friends throughout the relationship. This will enable each person to continuously grow, and it will also give you enough time apart to keep the relationship from becoming unhealthy.

If your relationship stands up to all of the previously listed points, you should definitely consider moving forward with a proposal. However, if you are still uncertain about getting married, you can give your girlfriend a commitment ring to symbolize your love. This can help you avoid the issues that are associated with waiting too long, and it will also provide you with more time to make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Happily married Nickey Williams writes this article for those looking for the one. If you are not so ready for the next step, think of a commitment ring as an option. It symbolizes what’s to come in the near future. The website features reasonably priced commitment rings that will help you memorialize taking your relationship to the next stage.

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