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Using StumbleUpon For Writer’s Block

| November 5, 2012 | 4 Comments
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a8cd030ee537f2337c0e2d4e5b6e076c 150x150 Using StumbleUpon For Writers BlockWe all face the dreaded writer’s block, especially those who are trying to provide fresh original content on a daily and weekly basis. This comes up quite often for myself and I’ve found that StumbleUpon can help get a few sparks going to start the fire.

StumbeUpon is becoming one of my favorite ways to find articles. It’s idea is quite simple in that you sign up, pick your interests, and then hit the “Stumble” button and you will get a random article based on the interests you chose. All of the articles that come up are ones that have been submitted or “Stumbled” into existence on the network.

You don’t always have to provide fresh original content that rolls of the top of your head. Content curation is always an option when you run into writer’s block or even if you don’t have writer’s block it’s always a great way to provide readers with material. You can find an article (which is what stumbleupon is for) and then provide your opinions/expertise on that article and link to it so your readers can view the article in full. This can be done in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

Either way whether you curate the content or just use it to get some ideas going it’s worth taking a look at if you aren’t signed up.

Here is the method I use for WordPress:

  1. Keep hitting the Stumble button until I find an article I find worth sharing (sometimes it’s just a funny article)
  2. Highlight the text that I would like to share from the article
  3. Hit the “Press This” Button I have in my toolbar that every WordPress site comes with (click here to go to the Press This post)
  4. Save as draft
  5. Open up WordPress, write my little piece on the article and post it! Done

A couple of other uses:

  • Submitting articles to StumbleUpon. Install the Stumble share button on your posts or go to I spent a good couple of hours submitted quite a lot of pages, posts, and whatever I could off of this site and within about 4-5 days there were over 500 hits that came from StumbleUpon…. So I HIGHLY recommend doing this.
  • Finding great content to share through Social Media. You can really find some great articles by people that don’t have the resources to show up everywhere on the internet. This is also good because they get exposure to their content but also it won’t be the same exact thing that 2 thousand people shared that day.

Have you used StumbleUpon before? How much traffic does it bring in for you? Or if you have any other resources you use to overcome writer’s block please share in the comments.

stumble upon Using StumbleUpon For Writers Block

 Using StumbleUpon For Writers Block

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Justin Wheeler
Justin Wheeler

Neat idea! Had always wondered what Stumble upon was for! :)


Cool idea! I do love StumbleUpon and this is a nice technique. 


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