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Three Steps to Lean and Fitness

| November 29, 2012 | 0 Comments
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Getting lean and fit is a goal to which  many people aspire, but which few can achieve because they don’t have a long term plan.  It can’t be achieved in a month or just by signing up at a gym.63327143.thb  300x237 Three Steps to Lean and Fitness

First and foremost, you should have a vision of the weight and size you would like to attain. It shouldn’t be just ten pounds unless that is all you want to lose. When I was 220 pounds, my goal was to achieve my high school weight of 175 pounds.  I was working out hard several times a week, but I didn’t have the diet dialed in.

Secondly, you should start selecting the most dynamic foods to add to your diet and start subtracting the most harmful foods. After a while, you start liking the cleaner foods and not having an appetite for the harmful foods.  I started with the best anti oxidants that would fight heart disease, cancer, and common sicknesses. Kale is at the top of the list but all fruits and vegetables qualify. Eliminating sugar and flour is a good first goal

Thirdly, you should start exercising regularly to burn muscle. When you burn muscle, your body takes away the dead cells and inflammation and replenishes with new life creating chemicals.  200,000 years ago humans were created and expected to burn muscle for longevity and we haven’t changed an iota.

Take four or five years if necessary to reach your goal. I achieved my high school weight in 4 years and now because my eating habits have evolved, I don’t have to fight weight anymore.


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