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The Thankful Letter

| November 22, 2012 | 0 Comments
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20396944.thb  300x249 The Thankful LetterIt’s tough to sit down and take the time to write, it’s something anyone who does it  has to be dedicated to.  Even for those of us who blog or journal its tricky to find the time.  I would like to suggest , that even if you do none of that, it’s well worth the 15 minutes (or so) of time, once a year, to write a Thankful Letter on Thanksgiving Day.  It’s a tradition I started a few years ago, when it became more difficult to get “home” for the holiday.  I found it help get past the visions of family and friends getting together without me.  I write it every Thanksgiving morning while I’m having my coffee and before I get into the day.  Once it’s been written, I seal it, and tuck it away where I now keep all of the letters.  But that’s not all.  I pull out last year’s letter; I open it and read it.

It’s simply amazing the bountiful things that occur over a year that I forget about.  I find writing and reading them in this particular order puts things into a genuine Thanksgiving perspective.  Big things from last year are much smaller things this year – even sentimental.  With this perspective comes a calm realization that things will be OK again this year, just like they have been for the last many years. I truly believe good things come in bulk to thankful people, and I never mind personalizing any holiday with more tradition, that’s part what of what we celebrate, right?

This year I thought I would share with you this year’s letter – maybe it will warm your day, remind you of what you’re thankful for, instill you to traditionalize your holiday, or perhaps even start your own letter.

Dear Heaven Above,

Thank you for the bounty’s of this past year.  I make every effort to put into each year’s letter everything I can think of.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve forgotten one or two items, so for that in advance, I ask your understanding.  This year I am thankful for:

  1.  My son and every facet of his liveliness.  My mother and brothers, and their families – bless them.
  2. My health and treadmill.  The treadmill is starting to show its miles of wear, but I aced my yearly check-up last month!
  3. A beautiful home, decorated warmly, filled with love, and is amazing sunset views.
  4. My big, furry and friendly co-conspirator of life, Boo Bear the Maine Coon cat.  He’s been on my list for eight years now – I worry about him slowing down.  Perhaps you can help with that?
  5. My enviable pearly white car – I love it as much today as the first day.
  6. The abundance of water, good food and reasonably priced wines.
  7. To have recently located two very dear friends that had somehow gotten lost in the many moves I made around the country in previous years.
  8. For my singleness, and the ability to have things I would like them to be.
  9. For my ability to travel occasionally – even if I’ve been so busy I haven’t gotten out of California this year.
  10. That there is once again enough of me to share my life and love with others.
  11. For co-workers who are able to find humor in the work-day moment(s) and can laugh along with me.
  12. For a beautiful office location overlooking the ocean – my awe of it, and its ever changing beauty.
  13. For the gift of being a concierge, the new people I meet because of my talents, and the smile I’m able to leave them with.
  14. That I have been given integrity, forethought, grace and elegance.  And that I remember to use them somewhere every day.
  15. That every day I am closer to being in perfect balance, and that I’m no longer in a hurry to find it.
  16. For a smile that reaches other hearts in friendship.
  17. For wisdom appropriate to my years, and youth appropriate to my heart.
  18. For a really good night’s sleep… most nights.
  19. For being a bright and lively girl, lady and woman.  A warm and serving mom,  companion, and  friend.
  20. For peace here in my beautiful community, my state, my country, and other countries around the world that also choose peace.
  21. For the future and all that it will hold… I’m anxiously awaiting it.

All this I am thankful for ~ on this Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012.

 The Thankful Letter

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