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The Substituion of Good Foods for Bad Food Process

| December 2, 2012 | 1 Comment
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At my Saturday sports bar hang out to watch college football,  I get to meet a wide variety of people who come in for a variety of reasons. After all, its Saturday. 20391835.thb  300x176 The Substituion of Good Foods for Bad Food Process

One very pretty girl with nice hair had a very big body. When I mentioned surfing, she said she couldn’t surf because she was a fat bitch or thick as her friends would say.  A large body is only bad food being encapsulated in fat to protect the organs. The body thinks it is starving so it hangs onto everything.

It is a slow process of getting the brain to accept healthy habits in place of the foods that it thinks make it happy.

When you start putting fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, good fats, grains and lean protein into the body, it thinks it is thriving and will let go, shed, cast out, the food encapsulated in fat. Then you get lean.

Most heavy people have addictions to certain foods they can’t live without. Most drinkers complement their imbibing with fried foods, pizza, and hamburgers which are doubly absorbed when accompanied by alcohol.

If you have an addiction to having a pint of ice cream every night after dinner, try to break it with maybe a Snickers bar instead. It doesn’t matter that the substitute item is also bad. Once you are off the ice cream, substitute a granola bar for the Snickers. Now you have lost the addiction and can eat something healthier.

Substitute one item at a time until you are eating better foods. Keep adding fruits and vegetables to your diet and pretty soon the body thinks it is thriving and starts to cast off weight.

Exercise is good for health, but it takes extreme amounts to cause weight loss and most heavy people can’t exercise to the extreme. Once you have lost a lot of weight,your oxygen uptake is better and muscle burning exercise becomes easier.


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