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The Right Surf Boards for Surfing Oceanside

| November 23, 2012 | 0 Comments
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Oceanside has a wide variety of surf and after you have surfed here for awhile, you probably know what you like best. At the beginning you are trying to get better and probably work into a shorter board.30459394.thb  300x200 The Right Surf Boards for Surfing Oceanside

The beginner wants a board with high volume because it is the most fun. It is the most fun because you can paddle longer, get up easier, catch waves earlier, and drive waves easier for longer rides.  On medium surf days, when the waves are soft, the advanced surfers also like a longer board just to have more fun.

The short board is the direction I headed because it seemed to epitomize what surfing is all about. On big steep wave days or just riding the close outs, the short board paddles out through the rougher surf easier by duck diving and doesn’t pearl on the small steep waves or on the bigger steep close outs.

But most of the year, the majority of waves are actually smaller and softer  where they can pass under you if you are not far enough in front or paddle fast enough. This is one reason I like to sit further inside than the line up because they miss so many and for a short board, they are easier to catch when they are closer to arcing.

Just to make my task easier, I got a hybrid that is like a fish. It is short,6’4″, but wide 21 3/4″ and thick 2 3/4″. Therefore I can paddle easier but not as easy as a long board and it will catch waves easier than a high performance board but not as easy as a long board.

I can still duck dive great and it will drop down any face without concerns of pearling. Like a short board, I have to accelerate to get past the lip and into a pocket.

For the first time, I got a quad fin which I swear by. It is more maneuverable and you don’t need the holding power of the back fin unless you are in huge waves which you don’t see in Oceanside.  Kelly Slater and more of the ASP pros are going to quad fins because they like how they carve.


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