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The Faux Reality

| November 14, 2012 | 0 Comments
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The Faux Reality


Let’s start ground up
We must realize that change entails action

A lot of us have become victim to the; lights, camera & ACTION!

20344536.thb  300x262 The Faux Reality Sucked into the world of television
We have all taken part, so please listen

Once we can decipher the real from the fake
Pat your back and help those who make daily mistakes

Assuming their lives can mirror those they glorify
But in reality cannot afford to live like

It’s great to aspire, then to achieve
But putting on a faux persona for us to perceive?

Hopefully honest and true, until
A car disappears, the house is for sale
Then the truth of your lies tarnishes you

Looking for exposure
In the midst of foreclosure

Misconstrued by what you pretended to be true
But in the end the only one abhorrent is you

there is a void needing to be filled inside
while behind tinted windows you hide

Open your eyes and see

There is no running from reality


There are a lot of individuals who live above their means because they feel they have to prove themselves. This poem is about realizing it and accepting reality that you do not have to do so. One of the major fears in life is being judged or criticized. I used to feel like everything I did was being judged or criticized until I adopted the “I don’t give a shit” method. I do not judge and I will not assume others are judging me. If your car, house, clothes, everything was gone who would be there for you? Really ask yourself that question. Who loves you if you don’t have the things that you have? Who will step up in your life next to you and say, “What can WE do about this?” Those are the people you need to surround yourself with. And if you do not have any of those people, send me a message and i’ll be that person! Life is about love, learning and having great relationships with people! If someone is only there to bring you down or get something from you then chances are they have things going on they have to deal with themselves. If you want good things to happen then you need to surround yourself with people on the right track. There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things (trust me I DO, BIG TIME!) but I know that if I cannot afford them then I will wait until I can. And when I have them (because I most definitely will) I will make sure that those who are here for me now (while I drive around in my beat up Hyundai) will be the first to hop in and ride along with me! I know there are¬†cynics and I love you too! Everything has an opposite, so there are cynics but then there are those who believe in you and want to see you flourish.


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Tiffany Lowery is a North San Diego local who has grew up here from a very young age. Her family immigrated from Trinidad & Tobago when she was very young. In high school Tiffanyreceived an athletic scholarship in Track & Field to attend CSUSM. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. She is a life design coach, author, and speaker. She also has a passion performing poetry and writing. She has worked with clients to provide researched articles, transcribe blogs into books, written speeches, and assisted with editing. She has her own ezine (online magazine) of her published articles. Her love for entrepreneurial endeavors encompasses community, networking, health & wellness, personal development, fashion, athletics, and much more! She has volunteered and been an ambassador for the Carlsbad Village Business Association. She is utterly grateful for the beautiful city of San Diego that we call home! She values peace, love, happiness, family and loves to cook. Tiffany has written and published her first book entitled, "How to Become the Most Positive and Healthy Person You Know: And How It Attributes to Your Success!" You can order the paperback or the eBook and download it now!
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