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The Break Up

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments
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This is a story about a relationship that was built on lies and deceit! She had so much love for him but his life was just a facade and she had to let him go. It was time for the break up.

This was the absolute last time I was going to allow Joey to play me!  We have been dating for months now and things have changed completely.  I ask myself if things really changed or did he now decide to finally show his ass and who he really was.  When we began dating he was so sweet, he wanted to take me everywhere and show me off to all of his friends.  He loved the fact that he had a gorgeous woman on his side.  He had bragged to me about all kinds of investments he had and all the money he had at his finger tips.  This whole fantasy world came crashing down as I found out that the homes he had as investments were going into foreclosure, the car he had he really could not afford, and his job paid him nowhere near what he told me in the beginning.  He had to use whatever he could to get a girl like me because due to the good old attractiveness theory, I was the attractive one and he was the one who had to have something to compensate.  This is a proven theory not just a joke. He used to take me out and we’d go shopping. Now it was a hassle just to ask him for $40!  He wasn’t good in bed and this was just pushing the limit.

22189665.thb  300x234 The Break UpI needed to get away from him and fast.  He became insecure as his true faults came to the surface like a dead body in a mobster flick.  He still tried to go out but he’d try to go to cheap places but he still expected me to get all dressed up and razzle dazzle like I usually did.  You see I was going to be me regardless and razzle dazzle was in my blood.  But Joey boy made my blood bubble. You know when you like someone and you begin to care from them?  Sometimes the lines get crossed between wanting to be with them or just being used to them.  Well Joey of course became increasingly depressed, angrier and we argued a lot. He tried to make me feel guilty for liking to do all the things I liked to do, but it isn’t my fault that he put up a facade.  Now I am here once again lying in bed next to him at night as he snores, wondering what the hell I’m still doing here?  I felt pity for him and that is why I stayed.  I wanted to help him, but in all actuality he needed to help himself.  I could not make a man a man.  I represented the idea of something he knew he didn’t deserve but still tried to hold onto.  He made my family believe that we were living this glorious life and that he was taking great care of me when in fact it was a facade.  I was tired of wearing this depressive cloak just to make him feel good.  When people are depressed they tend to want to be around people who aren’t happy themselves.  I was the happy-go-lucky beautiful girl, who is educated, loving, fun and charming. That is exactly why Joey fell in madly in love with me.

21709163.thb  300x226 The Break Up           The shit hit the fan and as I cleared the feces from my face I realized that it was time for me to step!  I was not the type to cheat because that wouldn’t do me any justice nor would it help if Joey found something like that out (he had bad friends, hint).  I did care for this man, but I realized that I cared for him because he was an investment.  Every time we invest our time and emotions into something it becomes an investment and no smart person just wants to walk away from an investment.  But the wise know that in order to progress in life we need to leave the detriment behind and keep pushing forward.

I decided not to warn him of my wanting to have a “talk” because that would only make him want to avoid me or argue with me because he knew what was coming.  He knew in his gut that one day I’d be gone like the morning dew at noon!  I decided to be two steps ahead of the situation.  When he left for work in the morning I packed all my stuff up and moved it out back into my old place. Luckily I had a three bedroom place and I rented out 2 rooms.  I paid a small amount to keep my room and the lease was in my name.  I made an amazing dinner (just to remind him of what he would miss) and all appeared well. We talked and I asked him how his day was. Of course it was the same old mundane bullshit but I really seemed interested.  I told him that I had gotten a great job opportunity that I couldn’t pass up and that it was in my old neighborhood.  I told him that I knew he was stressed out with his expenses and I didn’t want to burden him any longer.  This way he could not argue with me for trying to just leave him for lying and deceiving me.  It was about me being the bigger person and helping him inadvertently.  I told him that I would be meeting with my old roommates and letting them know I was coming back. I let him know that I would be staying there as of this evening.  He was more than hurt and I could read it on his face, but he knew that his selfishness had to end.  If they find out your not really a hero, they don’t let you keep the keys to the city!  I finished dinner, gave him a kiss on the cheek and I left.  At one point I felt that I loved this man, but then who was I loving? Something he was not!  I’m not all about the money and the lifestyle, but I do expect my man to be honest about his success.

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Tiffany Lowery is a North San Diego local who has grew up here from a very young age. Her family immigrated from Trinidad & Tobago when she was very young. In high school Tiffanyreceived an athletic scholarship in Track & Field to attend CSUSM. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. She is a life design coach, author, and speaker. She also has a passion performing poetry and writing. She has worked with clients to provide researched articles, transcribe blogs into books, written speeches, and assisted with editing. She has her own ezine (online magazine) of her published articles. Her love for entrepreneurial endeavors encompasses community, networking, health & wellness, personal development, fashion, athletics, and much more! She has volunteered and been an ambassador for the Carlsbad Village Business Association. She is utterly grateful for the beautiful city of San Diego that we call home! She values peace, love, happiness, family and loves to cook. Tiffany has written and published her first book entitled, "How to Become the Most Positive and Healthy Person You Know: And How It Attributes to Your Success!" You can order the paperback or the eBook and download it now!
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