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Tasting Micro-Brewery Beers in Oceanside

| November 18, 2012 | 0 Comments
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Micro Breweries are the rage and several are opening in Oceanside. Even if you don’t visit the brewery, their beers are often available at your favorite bar and restaurant.20196062.thb  300x262 Tasting Micro Brewery Beers in Oceanside

In the Harbor, Tony’s Bar and Grill boasts 200 beers with different beers on tap each week. The first Saturday of each month you could join a restaurant full of eager beer tasters at 8:00 in the morning who are tasting beer and enjoying french toast or breakfast burritos.

As you taste your selection of beers, you can remain to try them in a full glass or come back later to fully enjoy the beers you thought you might like. You will discover beers you never knew existed from many countries.

Downtown, the Stone Brewery is a tasting heaven. The grounds are enclosed by a high fence and there are no signs on the outside announcing the brewery inside. There is an open garage like room where the kegs and tasting bar are housed. Outside there is a patio garden with tables, a fire pit, and lots of trees.

When you have tasted the samplers of 4 oz for $1.50 or 8 oz for $3 and found the one you like best, you might grab another 8 oz to take to the patio or a 16 oz.  You can purchase a growler ranging in size from 1 liter 32 oz or a 40 oz stainless steel size.

Once you own the growler you can refill it for $5 to $9 with your favorite beer that you want to taste at home or serve to guests. I have found that the more carbonated higher alcohol beers retain their fizz up to four days after opening.

I am one who would rather have less of a really good beer than drink a twelve pack so if that’s your preference you don’t mind paying a little more for beers that have great body.

A third great alternative is Breakwater Brewery on Coast Highway downtown that is a full sports bar and restaurant. They have a brew master that prepares their beers and they serve a host of other brewers’ beers on tap. You can buy a sampler tray while eating delicious salads and pizza and watching your sports team on TV.

To me, their highest alcohol content beers don’t have the hops or full body bitterness that Stone’s have, but that is where beer drinkers get to choose their preference. I have grown to like the deep taste and even bitter or burnt coffee taste some of the smoked porters have while others like high alcohol content smoother beers.


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