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Surf the Corners at Oceanside Beach Breaks

| December 3, 2012 | 3 Comments
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20741811 245x300 Surf the Corners at Oceanside Beach BreaksSurfers need to match the waves they ride with their skills and experience. Beginners ride foam until they have learned the pop up and riding stability. Then beginners become intermediates when they can ride down the faces of real waves and catch waves at an angle.

Then you want to combine riding down faces and catching waves at an angle to catching waves at the corners, especially on beach breaks where there is a high percentage of close out waves.  Close outs peak and then the lip starts to fall over fast in usually one or both directions.

At the edge furthest from the lip of the close out there is a face that can be ridden into the waiting pocket.  At first you might get real close to the pocket and paddle hard toward the pocket as the lip of the wave reaches you and propels you into a nice pocket ride.

As you get better, you will move more towards the peak or as the professionals call it taking the wave deeper.  You start getting more of a steep and fast face which also gives you more speed.  Then you bottom turn or carve along the face until you out race the lip and get into the pocket where you can drive or begin maneuvers.


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Villas Sant Pere Pescador
Villas Sant Pere Pescador

That's really important if you want to do riding in the beach..All those things must always be kept in your mind.. Great post..

everglades airboat
everglades airboat

Yeah..It must be important that if you think to do riding in the beach then you know some rules about it and i think your post is really helpful for these people that want to learn some things related to the riding..

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