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Surf Paddling More Effectively

| November 10, 2012 | 1 Comment
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The real work in surfing is the paddling. It requires surf specific muscles that even the Marines I teach don’t have. Push ups and weights alone are clearly not enough to give you paddling stamina. It takes being in the water and burning and rebuilding the muscles.Surf Paddling More Effectively Surf Paddling More Effectively

This is one reason that you want to be paddling on a board that gives you the effective volume for your paddling strength. When you can’t paddle any longer, you are through surfing for the day. You also need to paddle fast enough to catch waves not to mention beating other surfers in the line up to the wave.

I surf most every day and yet when I got a new surf board that was a little wider and a little thicker than my last short board, my paddling got easier and wave catching more dynamic.

Most surfers can be seen paddling with their head and chest up and pulling straight back with their strokes. This is the way professionals paddle. You have to be on the sweet spot of your board and if your feet are up so that your weight is just on the sweet spot, you will paddle faster.

Another very important and effective technique I have found that is also used by advanced surfers is to get up on the nose so that it is lying on the water or even just under the surface. If I lay my head down on the board, it is even better.  This spot on my 6’4″ board makes paddling easier and faster.

The second advantage of this technique is that in slower smaller waves 4′ and under, it helps push the front of the board down the wave.  If you see surfers catching waves you are not catching you might notice that they are on the nose or even pushing the board down the wave before they pop up.

Some professionals on bigger waves will paddle on the nose to catch the wave earlier which is an advantage on big waves and then before they pop up, slide the board up so that the are a little further back on the board. This would not be easy for most surfers.

Try paddling further forward on your board with your head down and your legs up to move the weight pressure on the board toward the nose.

Be sure you are also kicking. I find I am kicking sooner on the weaker waves and I like to be moving fast parallel to the wave before I turn toward shore.


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