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Sundays At 7 Google Plus Hangout North San Diego

| September 29, 2012 | 2 Comments
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I’ve been wanting to get into the Google Plus Hangout option for a while now. I signed up for Google Plus when it was still invite only and still have a long ways to go. I figure this is the next portion to conquer. Tomorrow night (Sunday) there will be a test run. Anyone around North San Diego or San Diego is welcome to join. The first test run will have no theme but the ones after will have a theme to each one. Although we were throwing around the idea of Writer’s Block so maybe tomorrow the test run will be that. In the future I would like to have a theme such as social media tips, business tips, local events, etc. Maybe one of us on the hangout will just have a hat and write out all of the ideas and pick it out of the hat at the end of the hangout for the theme of the next one.

It’s going to be called SundaysAT7 so use the hashtag #sundaysat7 in Twitter and of course Google Plus. After I create this blog post I will create an event on Google Plus for it. If you are struggling for content then this could be a great opportunity for you. We can record the hangouts and everyone can use it for their YouTube channels, blogs, and websites. After the first one I will also create a page on this site called SundaysAT7 and have it a blog post page for that category.

We already have a couple of people so there will probably only be about 5-6 spots left. Let us know if you want one of the spots! The first REAL one will be Oct 7th the first Sunday of October.

NOTE** —>>> Here’s the link to the first event tomorrow night:


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 @mattmassaro  - I missed yesterday's test run but am interested. How did it go?

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