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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Oceanside Harbor

| November 11, 2012 | 2 Comments
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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)  is a great recreation, sport, and exercise regimen. It is easiest learned in calm waters but can be taken to the ocean and if you are Laird Hamilton, you might try riding 30′ plus waves at Jaws (Pe’ahi) in Hawaii.Stand Up Paddle Boarding Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Oceanside Harbor

Everyone can paddle board. It is much easier than surfing and great for those who have been idle for too long and don’t have the physicality necessary for surfing. It can fit into a complementary exercise regime of walking, running, biking, yoga, or gym work outs.

Done properly, it exercises the quad muscles of the legs, the upper body, and the core. Proper paddling technique is legs slightly bent, upper arm straight, and leaning forward to place the spoon of the paddle in front of you before pulling straight back.

The fun of paddling in Oceanside Harbor is there is a lot to look at while venturing. There are beautiful boats, all the restaurants, other paddlers, kayakers, seals (they don’t bite) and all the tourists walking along the shore.

You can paddle from one end of the Harbor to the other and back in about 45 minutes and then spend the other 15 minutes of the lesson trying new techniques.

I encourage new paddle board students to lie prone with the paddle under their chest to see how easy the big board is to paddle. Then on your knees your work out is different with more upper body work. You can assume the surfer stance with one foot in front of the other as you would if you were catching a wave.

And finally, to fall in the water a few times, you can move your back foot towards the tail, which stands up the nose, and paddle flipping the nose around as you would to change directions on a wave.

Not falling in the water should not be your goal. Learning all the techniques and that falling in the water is no problem should be your goal.


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