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Social Media Share Boosters

| February 27, 2013 | 2 Comments
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Building up your social media presence and effectiveness as a small business is not easy. It takes hard work, creativity, time, measurement, and consistency. Even more important is finding the right tools to help you along the way. There are social media management tools, analytic tools, contest tests, apps, and more keep emerging daily. Below I am going to go briefly into two social media share boosters you can use to kickstart your posts, gain backlinks, and much more.

Social Media Share Boosters

shareyt Social Media Share Boosters Shareyt

I just started using Shareyt within the last week. I had signed up a couple months ago but forgot about it since their email confirmation goes to spam. Keep that in mind when you register to look in your spam folder otherwise you will probably forget too. I already love this system. The website itself doesn’t look so hot but I’m sure they will make it better in the future. Also part of the campaign options let you do all sorts of things such as ads so they have a lot of pop ups (I haven’t had any viruses from the pop ups so I would say you are safe).


  • Run ongoing campaigns (so I can set a 4 coin bid for Facebook Likes on the homepage and when someone does it they get 4 coins)
  • Daily Limits on campaigns or lifetime campaigns are extras (they cost 20$ each to add those features in)
  • You can earn coins by doing other campaigns and all sorts of things
  • Social Media Site Counter (you enter a URL and it will tell you all of the social shares that URL has to see what you need to work on. Also great for campaigns for clients since you can show them all of the shares on their link)
  • LOTS of options, you can do campaigns for social media stuff, bookmarks, backlinks, site traffic, likes, re shares, and more.
  • Affordable – This is huge since for 16 bucks you can get a decent amount of coins

empireavenue Social Media Share Boosters Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue I have been using for about 6-10 months. It works off a stock type system where each person makes a username and that is your “ticker” and shows you how much your shares are worth. This platform does take some work to build up. I had to spend quite a bit of time where daily I would go get suggested users to invest in and then invest money on them. It’s just like stock so you want to invest in people that are new on the site that look like they will shoot up. Then you have the ability to make Missions. Each time this has to be done manually for each new mission. For example I can make a mission to have 20-30 people Retweet a Tweet on Twitter 20-30 times and that will help rank that tweet for more exposure. You can make missions for whatever you want and have people click to go to any URL.  There’s plenty of Facebook Groups, Google Plus Groups, Emails Newsletters, and websites available for Empire Avenue.


  • Ability to connect A LOT of social media, blogs, and RSS feeds to your profile. Then the site starts measuring each one and you can see them grow. You gain value also based on this so if you are tweeting and getting a lot of engagement you do notice that your Empire Ave score goes up.
  • Engagement – You can get a feed of all of the people you have invested in and see all of their posts and engage directly on the platform
  • Groups – There are groups you can join and talk to people in there
  • Open chat – you can see a site chat as well as chats for each groups you are a part of
  • Missions – Run missions to boost your marketing

Empire Ave Groups & Links:

Go to the Eavdailytips site and subscribe to his newsletter. Gerrit Bes finds the best ones to invest in and will send them to you every day. You can just log on and invest in people for a while to build it up.

Facebook Groups


Google Plus Communities


Overall I have used Shareyt for less than a week and I am already more than happy with it. I like it because once you set up the campaign you don’t have to do anything and can just let it run. It’s a lot less time consuming and works really well. Also I have found with Empire Avenue (even though mine is built up) I still have to post the mission links and info to the different groups to make sure that people do them.

How you use these tools is extremely important as well. I’m using them for Social Media backlinks for the website as well as Reshares, Re pins, +1′s, Likes, Stumbles, etc. With Facebook’s new algorithms your friends and people you are connected to, don’t even see your posts anymore. You can use the tools above to get 10-20 likes/shares on a Facebook post which will increase engagement and more people will start seeing it. It’s a way of bypassing paying Facebook. I haven’t been using it for Facebook at all because I’m not going to pay them or use their platform much with their current set up. I have been running +1s and Pinterest stuff lately to get Pinterest backlinks.

Send me an email at if you have any questions or need some help with the platforms.

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