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So You Wrote A Blog Post, Now What?

| November 12, 2012 | 4 Comments
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21619089 300x256 So You Wrote A Blog Post, Now What?So you wrote a blog post, now what? You have spent the time, sweat, blood, and tears getting your blog post all ready to go, but now comes the issue… how do I get people to see it? There are lots of pieces to the puzzle when it comes to this and I will go over some different options and give examples of what I use to promote a post once it’s complete.

A well written blog post can bring a business in leads for years… assuming people see it and you can rank it in the search engines. I still see relevant posts high in the Google Search results from 4 years ago. Essentially how you would set up SEO for a page on your website you do the same thing for a post. If you are using WordPress this is easy by using a plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast which will give you a fields to fill in to make sure the Title, Keyword, URL, Meta Description, and Content in the post all correlate with one another.  If you can include images and video in your post even better. Google Indexes YouTube videos fast.. a lot of the time I see ones on this site index within 24 hours of being posted.

Assuming you have the SEO done then now you will want to utilize Social Media, Article Submission sites, and link submission sites to gain additional exposure and backlinks.

For Social Media:

  1. Open up the blog post and use the Hootsuite “Hootlet” button which installs in the bookmarks bar. That automatically picks up the title and shortens the link as well as allows me to post to all of the social networks I have aside from a couple.
  2. I promote to Twitter & Google+ Business Page the same type of post since Hashtags can work in both of those networks
  3. Then I check WordPress, Facebook, Facebook Business Page, and LinkedIn. I promote to these networks without hashtags and include a little more content and put the full link URL instead of a shortened one. I do this because I have 2matt social Media page So You Wrote A Blog Post, Now What? different accounts I promote the post to and want the full link URL there to pick up the keywords in it. Also you generally get more clicks when it’s a real link.
  4. Then I promote to my Google+ personal page
  5. After that I will start submitting the post through various services.
  6. After a day or two I then go back to the post and Pin it on Pinterest and hit the share on Twitter option to give the article another round of exposure on Twitter.


I have free,, and Tumblr accounts set up for both my name and for I use (If This Then That) to have everything set up where when I make a post to WordPress it will automatically post to Tumblr and Blogspot. So when I send anything I promote through Hootsuite to those 2 WordPress sites it’s going to 6 different blogs. It’s free and doesn’t take very long to set up so I would suggest using it.


If it’s a post that I really feel I did a great job and want to give it an extra boost then I will use Empire Avenue and create a mission on that site to promote the post by having people share it on social media. Empire Avenue is a whole post or two in it’s own but if you have some time to check it out then I highly recommend it if you are active on social media.

Some different services you can use are:

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  • StumbleUpon – This is by far the best one for driving traffic to your website with very little effort. I added the StumbleUpon button to each post on this website to make it even easier. If you don’t have that option then just go to and you can paste the URL in there. I would do this on every single post and every single page you have on your website. I have done it with YouTube videos as well. You can basically “Stumble” anything that has a link from what I have seen.
  • Digg – This is just a simple paste and submit and you are done. I haven’t seen this do very much to help at all but since it’s so unbelievably easy and takes 2 seconds I do it anyway
  • Reddit – Reddit has changed in the last 6 months or so. It’s not letting me post links very often and sometimes I have to wait days before it will let me post another one. This use to be a great source of traffic but it’s not working as well anymore. I do use it every time it will allow me to.
  • – is a great little magazine/newspaper style service that you can use to curate content. It also allows you to post to a lot of the main social media networks. I have cut back on myself because I have been curating content an different way and didn’t want readers to go through one more hoop before landing on the blog post itself. I did see traffic from it but I’m assuming that traffic is directly going to the post now (I didn’t track it to be honest).
  • - This is an article submission site that is tailored to business and marketing categories. If you have a business or marketing article then I would suggest submitting it there. I believe you get to submit anywhere from 1-3 articles within a 24 hour period. I will be submitting this article on there since it relates to their categories.
  • – This is a simple curation type service that allows you to make Lists and add links/articles to the list you create. It’s great for a quick back link and is a little social network
  • Storify- This is an article submission site that basically opens up a word type document and you can place your article in there with a header and body. Just another way to give your post an extra push or if you have a press release etc it’s great for that.
  • Pingomatic – this is where you can enter your blog URL and have your site pinged so that search engines will read it. I no longer use this service since WordPress has a built in option and I have a plugin that will do this for me automatically. If you don’t use WordPress though then I would use it to help your articles get indexed quicker.

There are thousands of websites and services to submit posts to out there. I have spent a fair amount of time typing “Free Article Submission Sites” and different variations into Google and just reading through the big lists that come up and trying them out. You just have to see which ones work for you and pick a handful to submit to on a regular basis.

Also what I highly recommend that you do is find a couple of websites or blogs related to your niche that you can post or curate your article on. I was fortunate enough to be able to be a curator on Internet Billboards where I curate articles I 32165783 300x179 So You Wrote A Blog Post, Now What?find on the internet as well as ones such as this that relate to my niche. Having a couple of sites that you are a regular on will go a long way.

The last bit of grouping I recommend is finding Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups, and other group types alike related to your niche and be able to post your articles in those groups. If you spend some time and engage in those groups then you will get readers from them as well.

If I spend 1-3 hours writing a blog post out then I will spend the additional 30-90 minutes promoting it.

I know I left out a bunch of services and resources so if you have some to add then feel free to add them in the comments or share how you go about promoting your posts. Happy Blogging!

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Thanks Tiffany! @Socialolio Ya i forgot about that one, I will have to take another look at it! Thanks


Posterous is another great site to syndicate your blog post and you can setup several other social media sites within posterous that can auto post snippets for traffic generation..


Matt you are a blogging and SEO animal! High five!

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