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Single in San Diego

| October 3, 2012 | 1 Comment
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I have met several people who’ve traveled the world and say that they would never live anywhere else than San Diego. We have it all; the ocean, desert, mountains, lakes, beautiful towns, beautiful people and much more! Let’s not forget THE best weather ever! Our social scene is amazing, with lots of activities to keep us busy for a lifetime!

Living in a city so beautiful should be shared with love; yes it sounds mushy but it’s my opinion and i’msdskyline Single in San Diego sticking to it! One thing I am constantly hearing is peoples experience with the ‘singles scene’. A lot of people have been testing their waters in bars, clubs, online, etc. I have heard a lot of women say that the men here are too laid back, and I’ve heard a lot of men say that women are too materialistic. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. These are two statements I hear from women and men frequently.

I know what I am saying is somewhat controversial but hey its my blog  icon cool Single in San Diego . If you want to add your two cents you can comment or register to the site and write your own blog.

I digress; to be honest there are always going to be complaints as to what the other sex is lacking and why they are not available. Perhaps, it is the fact that when you complain you are making an excuse for being way too picky! It is one thing to have standards (which is okay), but it’s a whole different ball game to be wishing for the perfect mate. Females might want guys who are into them but they also want their freedom. And males might (do not want to generalize) want a woman who is attractive and well put together. Wanting freedom is okay, but realize that might entail someone to be laid back. To desire someone who is well put together also means that in order to acquire nice things bears a cost.

I myself was wanting to go somewhere else because I was feeling like the men I came across were nonchalant. I decided to change my belief system. If I believed that all men in San Diego were like that then that would be all the type of men I came across. It is like the self-fulfilling prophesy. If you continue to believe something it will manifest.

One thing that can be a little nerve racking is deciphering who is single and who is not. It is unfortunate how many married people are looking outside of their relationship for love or sex. I had a married guy ask me for my phone number in a department store while his family was in the same store shopping! It was crazy but yet hilarious.

suede Single in San Diego

I went to a bar one time with a girlfriend of mine and we were having a good time hanging out. There was a group of guys sitting at a table not too far from us and they kept on staring in our direction. It became obvious at one point that they were looking at us. So when we were leaving I walked up to them and commented on the fact that they were staring at us, and how were we supposed to know who was single and who was not.  Out of the six or seven guys at the table one guy said that we should just come over and ask. Sometimes I have the courage to approach and sometimes I am hesitant because a girlfriend could be right around the corner. I have been to all kinds of places and would catch they eyes of men who would stare and then next thing you know his girlfriend would walk right up. And in the presence of his girl he would still be staring. I am definitely not one for sloppy seconds!



find my date Single in San DiegoThe online dating scene is a whole other beast. People have had some success. To be honest I had to completely remove myself from it. A lot of people report that most people who are online falsify their information. Men and women are making claims and then meet each other and find out that they are not what they said they were. The majority of my male friends have claimed that guys go online to ‘hook up’. However, my neighbor (who is male) uses an online dating site to meet women. He has told me that he is genuinely trying to meet a good woman. He says that the women he meets, have either lied to him or just want to ‘hook up’. If we intend on meeting a person from an online dating site what is the purpose of lying? If I say I am thin and end up being extremely overweight how can someone over look that? If you expect someone to be honest with you then you must be honest with them.

Just think of all of the singles who at some point are home a lone wanting someone to be with. Ill end with a few words of wisdom and rhyme!

It would be great if an awesome mate just came knocking at your door.

But that’s not the case, put on a happy face get out in SD and explore!



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