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Samurai Champloo, The Coolest Cartoon I Have Ever Seen

| February 9, 2013 | 2 Comments
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Champloo32 Samurai Champloo, The Coolest Cartoon I Have Ever SeenThis awesome series was first shown in 2004 and was aired in numerous countries including the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in the United States. The anime series was created by Shinichiro Watanabe, the same person who wrote the series Cowboy Bebop which also aired on Adult Swim and was very popular.

Samurai Champloo is a fictional show based in Japan and brings the viewer to a hilarious, yet action packed Edo period in early Japan. The Show also has a hip hop theme to it, which adds some entrancing beats to coincide with action scenes and heighten the entertainment.

There are three main characters in the show; Jin, an extremely righteous, calm, and caring roaming samurai (ronin), Mugen, a rough, rowdy and carefree (and maybe careless) swordsmen and Fuu, a courageous young woman with nothing to lose. Fuu, tricks Jin and Mugen into joining her on a journey through Japan searching for the “samurai who smells of sunflowers.”

It is an extremely entertaining show that will have the viewer begging for more. Samurai Champloo is not at all like other anime shows, and to me is in a class of its own. Unfortunately, there are only 26 episodes and once started it is hard not to watch at least two a night. And for the ladies, I convinced mine to give it a try and she loved the comedy throughout the series as well as the story itself. I believe she even cried at one point.

I do not recommend letting children watch it though as it has swearing and sexual insinuations. For everyone else I highly recommend this phenomenal action/comedy/drama T.V series. You can view this incredible TV series on Netflix or buy the DVD for around $20-$30.

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Samurai Champloo ... I haven't heard of it but now that I have - I'd like to watch it - it sounds like there is some fun stuff in it..

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