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Reasons To Support Local Business

| October 31, 2012 | 1 Comment
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Local Business Image Reasons To Support Local BusinessSupport Local Business

Small businesses provide so much more than just local jobs, and much needed products and services, to their communities. They are the character, lifeblood, and anchors of the cities in which they reside. In fact, shopping at local businesses is critical to supporting your community and keeping money in your neighborhood and city, as opposed to having it sent away to large out-of-town corporations who feel no loyalty to your hometown.

Supporting local businesses can improve the economy as a whole, since often times the cheaper products that you find at major chains are of significantly lower quality than the local stuff. Products made and sold by local businesses are certainly made with you in mind, since quite literally, you are the business owner’s neighbor!

Local shopping and spending breeds loyalty, as local businesses often have loyalty programs that major corporations can’t match. They know their customers better, and they appreciate their customers more. While large corporate chains may offer the cheapest products on the market, local businesses offer the most thoughtful products, made and sold with the entire community in mind.

Unlike those faceless corporate chains with headquarters thousands of miles away, small businesses care about you – the individual – and they remember and appreciate your business directly. These business owners are immensely connected in the communities that they serve, and work hard to impact the community in a positive way by building solid bonds with neighbors and stakeholders.

Local businesses also go a long way to providing some much-needed character for your neighborhood. From unique logos and signage, to beautiful and intricate little shops, local businesses avoid that sterile, corporate feel and provide unique and unforgettable experiences that make your town distinctly unique. In today’s world, there are more and more mass corporate design; local businesses provide a little shelter from that mainstream with wonderful character.

Most importantly, too, did you know that local businesses work to reinvest in your community? According to, for every dollar you spend at a local business, they reinvest 45 cents back into your community. With the major corporate chains, only 15 cents of your dollar is spent and reinvested into your community. It makes perfect sense that your shopping at a local business impacts your community in a great way!

When it’s all said and done, it makes perfect sense to support your local businesses. Corporate chains offer products you need, but you can’t go wrong when you support the businesses that directly impact your community. It’s easy to do, great for your city, and best for the community. Think local!

 Reasons To Support Local Business

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