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Local Twitter Search Tips

| October 27, 2012 | 1 Comment
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We are going to go into some Twitter Tips by using the advanced search option, Hootsuite, and a little trick on Bing to find tweets in a specific area. This social platform is great for so many uses! You can use it to strictly follow news and interesting articles to be able to sit down and get caught up right away, get weather / local / global news, participate in conversations or start your own using # tags (hashtags), customer service, retention, advertising (we will have a post soon on the advertising options), prospecting, sales, contests, keeping up with friends, and much much more! If you don’t have an account we suggest you make one and start tweeting! First lets start with the video and then there will be step by step instructions for each demonstrated….

Twitter Advanced Search

This is a very useful Twitter tip that has been around for quite some time.

1.) You can get to it by going to or You do not need to be logged into an account for this feature and tip.

2.) You will see the screen that says “See what’s happening right now” and there will be a search bar, trends, and you can click operators or advanced search.

twittersearchtip Local Twitter Search Tips

3.) If you are going to type your search into the bar then we highly suggest you read through the operators. All you have to do is click operators and it will show you. You can get very specific with these searches. A great one we highly recommend for finding local Twitter followers is the Near: san diego within: 25mi and of course just replace whatever city or area you would like and the mile radius.

twittertip2 Local Twitter Search Tips

Using the Twitter operators to help with search results.

4.) Now go ahead and click on the Advanced Search option. Within the Twitter advanced search option it really allows you to combine all of those operators in a very easy way. There are just columns to place words, exact phrases, people options, and that same Near option we showed you on step three you can use here by simply typing in the city name. This is a fantastic tool to use for finding your clients and it can narrow it down as much as anyone would ask for. Play around with it and see how it will help you. If you get stuck send us an email through the contact form and we will help you.

twittertip3 Local Twitter Search Tips That’s it for the Twitter Advanced Search. Now lets move onto creepy Bing tip to help you find local users.

Bing Twitter Maps

Here’s a short step by step to utilize Bing Twitter Maps:

1.) Go to

2.) Click on Map Apps under the search bar

3.) Scroll down close to the bottom middle and click Twitter Maps

4.) Now you will have a Timeline and Search option available. The timeline shows you tweets from users in the area you have on the map. So if you have the whole world showing it will show tweets from around the world.

twittersearch4 Local Twitter Search Tips 5.)You can click the Search option and enter in the location, keywords, and people. Also it gives an option to only see people with photos. You can also just use the map and scroll/zoom in on the area you want to see and it will automatically show you all of the tweets from there. This is another great tip to help you find users in any area (assuming they have their location setting on :p).

twittersearch5 Local Twitter Search Tips

Hootsuite  Streams For Twitter

We are not going to delve too much into the Hootsuite program on this post. We will have future posts that go into how to use it. Most likely in the next week or two we will go through the basics. Hootsuite is a great tool to use to manage social media accounts and schedule posts. You can also respond in the dashboard very easily. They have a Hootsuite university option and the regular upgraded account to let you connect multiple accounts is only $9.99 a month. But for this specific tip we are just going to show you how to make the keyword stream to help streamline your Twitter advanced searches.

1.) Get into your Hootsuite dashboard and click on the twitter profile stream you want to use. It normally adds a stream for you after you link your social media accounts by default. If not add a stream and click your account.

twitterhootsuite1 1024x439 Local Twitter Search Tips

2.) Now you are going to want to click the “+Add Stream” option within the dashboard. That will pull up a little window. Then click the keyword option.

hootsuitetwitter2 1024x431 Local Twitter Search Tips

3.) Once you get to the keyword section you can add up to 3 keywords or phrases. You can use the @mattmassaro symbol to see anytime that @whatevernameyouchoose gets mentioned on twitter. You can also use # hash tags and so on. Then just hit the Create Stream button once you are done.

hootsuitetwitter3 Local Twitter Search Tips

4.) That’s it you are all done with this Twitter advanced search option tip. You can see your stream in your dashboard now.

hootsuitetwitter4 Local Twitter Search Tips

That’s it we are all done! The first two options for the tips, especially the advanced twitter search option is a great place to start. If you can learn that one it will help out and you can really engage follows in your area. If you feel this is overwhelming stay tuned in the very near future and follow our account @mattmassaro on Twitter. 

 Local Twitter Search Tips

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Hey Matt, thanks for sharing such a wonderful twitter tips with us. I knew only few but bing twitter map is totally new to me.

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