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List of Twitter Spam Messages

| September 25, 2012 | 1 Comment
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I get A LOT of Twitter spam messages on the Twitter accounts. On my @mattmassaro account it’s hard for me to even use the direct message feature on Twitter because of how many spam messages I get. Of all of the social networks I personally believe Twitter has the most fake accounts. If you are new to Twitter or still getting the hang of it then this list may work well for you to wean the real ones from the fake ones. Sometimes these links take you to a sales page or spam site that will effect your computer. You will also get different messages that say “so and so uses blah blah” and you have to go verify something to add them. I never click on these. If they want it to be that private then I don’t even waste my time trying to communication back and forth with them. That one is up to you though.

Here’s a list of Twitter Spam Messages: (do not click the links lol)

  • whatt are you doing in this vidd ?
  • ROFL…i am laughing so hard at this pic of me someone found LCNPFCQ.TK
  • hey this person is making up offensive things that are about you
  • hey this person is writing shocking posts that are about you
  • hey this hater is making up stupid stories that concern you
  • you even see her taping… thats terrible
  • Could you use extra money to pay off your bills and taxes?
  • Spend 10 bucks on this I’ll talk to you tonight
  • hey this user is writing shocking posts that are about you
  • OMG ur famous now
  • hey this person is writing cruel things that are about you
  • hey this user is making up dreadful things that are about you
  • simplygators uses TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here: (this is the one I don’t waste my time with)
  • Best diet pill to lose 30 pounds in 1 month!
  • Today can be the day that you stop being a loser and start being a winner.:…
  • Hey check this out.. I’ve made $86 and I just started today!!
  • Hi Matt Thanks for the follow. Want to lose fat fast? Get 100 TOP Fitness Tips
  • 30 Days to 10K Launch TODAY!
  • matt, thanks for following me Check out to boost your online cash
  • Hey…umm there is a pic of you going around on facebook people are making fun of
  • OMG Skip to 1:40 ,I saw a video of you on face book
  • you even see him taping… thats nasty
  • Pay off all of your debt!:…
  • Thank you for following me. I give all my friends 500 FREE bids to use at my Penny Auction Enjoy!
  • thought this was a joke but i made $950 last week with this… its fr ee$!!
  • this really… made almost $850 last week its fr ee$!!!!
  • Don’t let money prevent you from living happy!…
  • Always wanted to be a millionaire?…
  • Quit your job today and make the money you deserve!.…
  • Don’t worry about a stressful boss!…
  • Justin Bieber proposed to Selena Gomez CAUGHT ON VIDEO!!!…
  • Omg.. Why did your friend do this!
  • This video on facebook blew my mind! Check it out I hope the person is ok…

It only took me about 10 minutes to go through and find those ones. A lot of the time they are repetitive and some of them do mention your name/twitter name in the beginning. If someone is sending you more than just a welcome message and it has crap like that in it then you know it’s spam. If you aren’t sure whether or not it is then just don’t click it. Message the person and read it out from there. Sadly sometimes when you do message the person that is all spam too or they might even have a person behind the accounts answering back to try to further get you to click the link. So just be careful you can always ask me if you are unsure I’ve seen most of them at this point.

If there’s other ones you get that aren’t on the list just add them to the comments section of this post so everyone can see those as well! Happy Tweeting!

You can follow me on either the account or mine:


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