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Learning to Surf in Oceanside

| November 7, 2012 | 0 Comments
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The tourist surfing drops off after summer, but the locals still surf everyday. Wetsuits take care of the cold and right now the sun is shining and the off shore winds have arrived to make those waves stand up nicely.20446488.thb  300x170 Learning to Surf in Oceanside

Even if the surf is small, the clean waves are a lot of fun. Clean means they are breaking right and left instead of just walling or closing off. Beginners need to start in the foam after the wave has broken and learn to pop up on their boards and ride to the beach.

Beginners also need to learn on high volume boards like the 8′ soft tops. This board is easy to paddle, stable on the pop up, and won’t hurt you if it hits you. Great areas for beginners where the waves break and turn to foam for long rides are in the Harbor, near the Pier, and even at Tyson at the stairs.

I can have the reasonable athletic and trim student independent in a two hour lesson. That means they know how to pop up on the board, they can make decisions about waves, they can paddle out and turn around to catch their own foam wave. I teach near the Pier where there is usually a dependable foam wave.

If a student goes in the water at least once a week, they can learn to catch waves on their own, build some paddling stamina, and after a month or two, start catching real waves.

Even though I supply boards for lessons, students can rent wet suits at Asylum Surf Shop at 310 N Mission Ave for $5 for two hours. Soft top surf boards can be rented for $10 for 2 hours.  Two hours is plenty for beginners.If you weigh more than 180 pounds rent a 9′ board.


If you want to learn about Beaches, Surf Culture, Etiquette in the Water, and Instructions on Beginner to Advanced, Download my Free 95 page E Book “Learning to Surf in Oceanside”  LearningtoSurfIcon3 225x300 Learning to Surf in Oceanside

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