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Learning to Surf at the Oceanside Harbor or Pier

| November 28, 2012 | 0 Comments
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Learning to surf is one of life’s big adventures for so many people who visit Oceanside. Many do it on a birthday that they think is significant. I taught a young boy from Cleveland, Ohio that had his whole room in surf decor and had never seen the ocean.  People in their 50′s often take it up as a sign they are still young or as something on their bucket list.20465404.thb  300x260 Learning to Surf at the Oceanside Harbor or Pier

The Oceanside Pier or Harbor are great places to learn because the beach turns up dependable foam waves that nicely propel the soft top surf board. Beginners want to learn on a high volume board that is easier to paddle and softer so that it doesn’t hurt if it hits you.

The surf is more demanding than most people think. As a beginner you have to deal with every wave. The advanced surfers out far in the line up let a lot of waves go by. Jumping over waves, ducking under them, and getting hit by them takes a lot of energy over a two hour period.

The pop up takes a student from the lying down position to the standing up position and is the whole key in surfing. Boards are shaped to perform in waves and they are balanced beautifully. The smaller the board the more intricate the balance. Therefore, the pop up has to be placed with the body in a precise position or the board flips. Not so easy the first day.

I teach students a balance of water safety, handling the board in the waves, doing a pop up and paddling to catch their own waves.  A lot to learn in a first session. Many are independent after two hours and could spend the rest of their vacation renting the soft top board and practicing on their own.

The main goals are to be safe in the water and have fun. Students learn to judge waves and make a decision whether to ride, duck, let it pass, or bail. Once you are comfortable in the ocean and can handle yourself with a board, you can begin the true process of advancing like we all have experienced.


Surf Lessons at the Pier in Oceanside

Paddle Board Lessons in Oceanside Harbor

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Surf and Paddle Board Instructor at Pier and Harbor in Oceanside. Author of 3 E Books all free at Post everyday on surfing or fitness on websites. Live on the beach at Oceanside and have to say, its not too bad.
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