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Labor Day Photos – Encinitas & Cardiff By The Sea

| September 5, 2012 | 0 Comments
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Quick little post about Labor Day. I was able to get outside (which is always good) to walk around Encinitas and Cardiff By The Sea. First my friend Bogi and I stopped in Encinitas. After making a quick run through of the Seaside Bazaar (crafts, arts, music, little gifts) we walked into McGills Skateshop. It was great going back into McGills where I bought one of my first skateboards and frequently bought pads/helmets there when I was a young teen. After that we walked down to Moonlight beach to grab some photos. Moonlight was PACKED. I took some photos from up top and there were a lot of people in the water there. It was still beautiful and was a nice day just to be outside.

After Moonlight we walked through Encinitas all the way down to the Self Realization Fellowship. It looked closed up but that’s a place I want to go back to here pretty soon and check out the meditation gardens as well. From there we walked down to Swamis and snapped a couple more photos and headed back to the car. It was also great seeing Hansen’s still in business and a couple of other places such as the Potato Shack.

Lastly we made it to Cardiff (by this time it was about 30 minutes debating where to eat) and stopped into VG Donuts then headed over to The Beach House where our friend works. I hadn’t been to the beach house in years. It took about 15 minutes to find a parking spot and I wish I would have taken some photos of the absurd parking jobs people were pulling off all along the 101 highway. I never remember Seaside beach being that crowded and I lived in Cardiff for 18 years. I’m looking forward to the summer dying down a little bit so I can get a nice piece of a beach to relax (which means sitting there on my Ipad until it overheats probably haha). The burger at the beach house was great (I did another post about it).

From there the short lived outside journey came to an end. What really resonated with me was the smell of the ocean from the three different beaches (Moonlight beach, Swamis, and Seaside). I have missed that smell for 6 years! I’m excited to keep getting re-acquainted with the North San Diego towns, old friends, and making new friends. I hope everyone else had a good Labor Day!

Photos Include:

Moonlight Beach, Swamis, Cardiff Seaside Beach, Las Olas, Encinitas CA, McGills, Cardiff By The Sea, & Self Realization Fellowship.  Follow Us On Twitter:

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