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Kate Allgood

| November 19, 2012 | 1 Comment
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I had the pleasure of meeting with Kate Allgood; a Certified Sports Hypnotist and Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist this past week. This was a very exciting encounter for me because not only is Kate an athlete she is an entrepreneur in a niche market that caters to exactly what she loves in life! Kate played ice hockey within the Canadian University and in 2006 she was recognized as one of the top female athletes of the year in all of Canada! That’s right; all of Canada! And not only was she recognized as one of the top female athletes she was also the top female ice hockey athlete in all of Canada! That is a very commendable achievement indeed.

Kate was interested in many different professions, but she had a love for sports and Psychology. When it comes to a student selecting a profession, there are a vast number of professions to choose from. Kate knew that she loved helping people and she loved being an athlete as well. She took it upon herself to combine the two.

When you are an athlete you realize that most of what you are doing is stimulated by your mind. Whether it be; shooting a basketball, blocking a volleyball, running a race, etc. Your body is engaged but your mind is in charge. Kate utilizes her skills to assist athletes in visualizing what they are doing and help them to remain consistent with accomplishing their goals while they are in a successful frame of mind. Kate also works with Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). The idea with MAT is to make sure that all muscles are fully functioning at their highest capability. If you are injured your muscles are likely to overcompensate for the muscles that are not functioning at their highest capability. Through muscle activation techniques the goal is to assist the lower functioning muscles to work in unison with the muscles that are over compensating. This ensures that all muscles will be functioning at their fullest potential.

kate 200x300 Kate Allgood That’s not all Kate does. Kate has a wide range of athletes as clients and with her younger clients she also involves the parents as well. She is creating programs with parents and athletes. She has worked with parents to inform them exactly what their children need as athletes and helps the positive communication between parent and child. She also speaks with her younger athletes acknowledging their lifestyle, helping them relieve stress, assisting them with goal setting, and showing them how to communicate their needs to their parents openly. She believes if the athlete focuses on loving what they do it will be easier for them to excel at their game from a more positive state of mind.

As a compassionate athlete Kate loves working with athletes and helping them achieve their goals. She aspires to travel with professional teams and do what she loves all over the world. Kate will most definitely be at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil traveling with an athlete or group of athletes. So watch out Brazil Kate is on her way!

From a very young age Kate loved ice hockey, and her cousin actually played hockey for Montreal in 1995. Today Kate plays hockey once a week in a men’s league. Kate loves San Diego and has traded in her heavy snow gear for flip flops and fun. She loves to take her dog to the beach and being outdoors is what’s on her agenda when she has free time.

office kate Kate Allgood Kate’s office is located in beautiful Del Mar. I would definitely recommend Kate Allgood’s services to all athletes and fitness enthusiasts. You can visit her website at or give her a call at 619-446-6846.









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