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Intermediate to Advanced Surfing in Oceanside

| November 13, 2012 | 0 Comments
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Surfers in Oceanside experience waves that are fast and often closed out. A few lessons in Hawaii does not prepare you for the Oceanside wave.  As a sand bar beach as opposed to a reef break, the bottom shifts constantly and the waves break in many different places based on the swell and as the tide keeps changing.21091468.thb  300x285 Intermediate to Advanced Surfing in Oceanside

You become a real surfer when you can understand how to catch and ride waves in Oceanside.  The first thing you need is a great pop up. It has to be fast, stable, and accurately placed on the board the first time.  One solution is to view the pop up video on my surf site landing page and practice 25 times a day for months.

The bigger the wave or the more close outs you want to ride, the more confidence you have to have in your pop up.  Secondly, you really have to learn how to read waves. In the reef breaks, where the wave is always breaking in the same spot and mostly the same way, you can just paddle up to the spot and be ready.

On a sand bar beach, each swell and therefore its set of waves can be breaking in different places and breaking differently.You have to paddle to the wave. I often like to sit inside of the line up and catch the waves that get by them.

One of the skills you develop is discerning between a closed out wave and a rideable wave.  You will see surfers start to paddle in and then pull out as they sense the close out.

Thirdly, you need to learn how to catch the corners of these waves. Even the pros will catch a wave in the middle of the break and get to the pocket by accelerating. But many close outs don’t give you the time to escape, so you have to learn to paddle to the corner and catch it close to where the pocket will form. Watching others is a good way to learn how to time this.20792511.thb  282x300 Intermediate to Advanced Surfing in Oceanside

Fourthly, accelerating is key to longer rides in Oceanside.  As soon as you hit the bottom of the face or better yet if you can angle or carve immediately at the top of the wave, you can get to the pocket and start maneuvering or doing tricks.  Because many of the breaks are not wide and peeling for hundreds of yards, the first move is to accelerate and the second is often to cut back and get into the power of the wave until you get to the next section closer to shore.

Having a great bottom turn is practical first to ride steep faces and then carving to get to a pocket and secondly, riding faces and carving to get over the back of the wave before it closes on you.

Having fun in Oceanside requires techniques and practices you don’t learn on a reef or point break.


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