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Getting Lean the Easy Way

| November 14, 2012 | 0 Comments
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In my opinion, getting lean makes everything better. Of course, my self esteem is better because I look fit and my clothes fit well and demonstrate a lack of bulging stomach.21361450.thb  243x300 Getting Lean the Easy Way

How you look physically affects your every encounter including business. People make quick judgments about how you treat your body and therefore what they might expect from your performance.  It tells how disciplined you are and therefore how you might focus on details. Details are what is important to your customers.

Losing weight which is mostly fat is focusing on details. It is best if it becomes a life long practice rather than a 30 day campaign. If you want to change your eating habits, it is a balance between eliminating bad foods and adding good foods.

My good friend is on a diet regime that is structured where all foods have points and you get extra points for eating by exercising. He likes the structure and has been very successful with the program. I don’t like as much structure and being a maverick, would rather do it on my own.

If you only eat fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, good fats, and lean protein, you will be very lean shortly. It took me 4 years to lose 45 pounds and get to my high school weight, but I now maintain that weight easily. My habits have changed and it doesn’t pain me to eat like I do.

Start eliminating as many of the bad foods as possible like sugar, fried foods, flour, and bad fats. The body turns these foods into fat or encapsulates them in fat so they won’t hurt your organs. As soon as you start eating the natural foods the body recognizes, it starts releasing the fat encapsulated bad foods and you get skinny.

Its that easy. You get extra burn from exercising, but it is not as important as taking in only pure foods.


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