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Get Out There and Meet Up!

| September 18, 2012 | 1 Comment
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I had signed up for this site and added myself to all kinds of groups that sounded really fun and interesting to be a part of. But, I hadn’t stepped out the door to actually meet up. My first meet up was this past Friday and it was great! I went with a friend to a board games meet up. The only instructions was to either bring a game or a snack and have fun!

gamenight Get Out There and Meet Up!

There were about 20-25 people in this beautiful home and we all gathered, chatted and proceeded to play games. There was a pool table, pinball machine, foosball table, and several different board games to choose from. My friend I played pretty much every game, and we even played Jenga and Scattegories. This was an awesome experience because everyone had the same intention to just get out and have a good time. I am now looking forward to actually trying out some of the other meet ups that are available because it is a great way to meet people who share the same interests as yourself. Why stay in wishing you had somewhere to go when there is a group out there some where doing exactly what you like to do?

Luckily the host of our meet up was gracious enough to provide beverages including; beer and wine (nice  icon wink Get Out There and Meet Up! ). I definitely recommend people taking a look at meet up just to see what’s out there in our beautiful San Diego. If your single, like myself, it is also an added bonus to just get out and meet different people. And what better way to meet someone who shares your interest than in a group doing something you both like!

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Tiffany Lowery is a North San Diego local who has grew up here from a very young age. Her family immigrated from Trinidad & Tobago when she was very young. In high school Tiffanyreceived an athletic scholarship in Track & Field to attend CSUSM. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. She is a life design coach, author, and speaker. She also has a passion performing poetry and writing. She has worked with clients to provide researched articles, transcribe blogs into books, written speeches, and assisted with editing. She has her own ezine (online magazine) of her published articles. Her love for entrepreneurial endeavors encompasses community, networking, health & wellness, personal development, fashion, athletics, and much more! She has volunteered and been an ambassador for the Carlsbad Village Business Association. She is utterly grateful for the beautiful city of San Diego that we call home! She values peace, love, happiness, family and loves to cook. Tiffany has written and published her first book entitled, "How to Become the Most Positive and Healthy Person You Know: And How It Attributes to Your Success!" You can order the paperback or the eBook and download it now!


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