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10 Free Apps For Facebook Pages

| September 10, 2012 | 2 Comments
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I’ve become accustomed to searching around for free ways to build Facebook pages and searching for viable free Facebook apps. Not everyone can afford programs that are $80-$1000 a month like some of the bigger companies. Since most of my clients are small business owners the budget can be tight to start with. I am going to go through 10 free Facebook Apps for Facebook Business Pages that I use. Facebook Apps can be just about anything. With a little bit of searching you can find one to suit whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Finding the Free Apps For Facebook Pages that work well is the tough one sometimes!

10 Free Apps For Facebook Pages

1.) Lujure -

  • Lujure gives you one free Facebook app to use. You can customize your app through Lujure and virtually turn one of the apps into anything. You can code HTML in the app as well (I can’t do that though). Even if you don’t have a lot of computer skills you can get your way through it. On the free one you do have the options of using their products widget and the rest of the widgets they have to offer. Here’s two examples of turning one of the apps into products that I did. *Note that if you do have a graphic designer you can have a nice custom background and all sorts of graphics in it as well.*

  • You can also have RSS feeds, maps, directions, YouTube Videos,Twitter feeds, social share buttons, and a bunch more. With the video options you could create a little landing page to drive traffic to your site through the Facebook App as well.  There are some templates they have already setup, but on the free one it’s limited to about 4 different ones. You can easily put an online store into the app and Lujure even has one set up for real estate. There’s a bunch more little Widgets that are available to really customize it. Lujure has the free plan that includes 1 app, then the next plan up is $30/month, then $300 a month. Personally I love the app but it’s a little steep when I have to Factor in 3-6 other things that I have to pay anywhere from 5-40 bucks a month for. Try out the free one and let me see how it turns out!

2.) MailChimp App For Facebook – MailChimp is another great program to use when you are on a tight budget for Email Newsletters. It’s free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. It does take a little bit to get used to it. I would watch the videos and tutorials if you are just getting started.

When you are logged into your Mailchimp account:

  • Hover over the Account option at the top right
  • Under Extras click on Integrations
  • Then click on the Facebook option and go through the steps. This will add mailchimp as an app that people can sign up for your newsletter right through Facebook which can get you conversations on Facebook.

I haven’t done any deep research on the other newsletter platforms but I know there’s ways to integrate those into Facebook as well. I’m showing MailChimp because it’s free all around.

mailchimpapp 150x150 10 Free Apps For Facebook Pages mailchimpapp2 150x150 10 Free Apps For Facebook Pages

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3.) Involver - was just bought not to long ago by Oracle.

It still has the 5 Free Facebook Page apps:

  • Youtube
  • RSS feed
  • Twittee
  • Flikr
  • and Static HTML.


  • The one that I use from Involver is YouTube. You can set this up through the website or right through Facebook. If you type YouTube into the search bar in Facebook. There will be an app that comes up called YouTube For Pages with something like 2,500,00 uses. Click on that and it will go through the setup which is quick and painless. You can set it up to automatically post your videos and some other options in there. Be careful though because your YouTube channel might automatically be posting to Facebook if you have Facebook connected through YouTube so just double check you don’t have two going.

  • I don’t use their Twitter one. There’s A LOT of different Twitter ones and most of them work just fine for me. I haven’t seen the Twitter apps really work too well as far as more engagement. I highly recommend the YouTube one though so your videos on YouTube can get more views.

4.) Pinterest

If you type in Pinterest in the search bar a few different ones will come up. I use the one that is called Pinterest Page App by WooBox. There’s another one that is called Pinvolve – Pinterest for Pages. Both should essentially do the same thing. The first one I mentioned Pinterest Page App has options to set it to a specific board to show up. This is where you can get creative.

A couple of ideas you could use the Pinterest Page App for:

  • Use one of your boards as a meet the team section. This will allow you to pick that board to display your team without any coding experience using a free app and Pinterest.
  • Have your products or services displayed on a board
  • Come up with a creative contest using your Pinterest boards
Get creative but it’s a great way to spend 0$ to utilize an app spot.


5.) ContactMe – 
  • Integrates with just about everything. It does show it’s logo on there. It’s a contact form that you can create. You can get the free Facebook app and have a contact form for people to reach you through. I would choose the newsletter capture over this for one of the 3 spots that show up but this is an option. This thing integrates with websites, newsletter programs, and all sorts of things. I set one up and it’s on my contact page on my website, has a sidebar on the website, and shows up on mobile (which I didn’t even set up it just does it). There’s a bunch of different free forms out there but this is one option.
6.) Google+ For Pages
  • Just type in Google+ in the search bar in Facebook and this will come up. It’s a simple setup. Just enter the Page you want it on and the google+ Profile ID number. It will pull your Google+ posts. If you are an avid Google+ user it could help out.
7.) Fan Apps
  • There is a fan app called Fan Of The Week and one called Top Fans. The Fan Of The Week will automatically pick the person each week and post it to your page. It’s pretty cool to give whoever engaged most on the page a little shout out once a week. Top Fans I have only used once or twice but you need a bunch of people on your page before using that one. I would wait until your following is bigger before adding these unless you have at least 5-10 people that consistently engage on a lot of your posts. If you click like on your own posts then share it then you end up being the fan of the week on a newer Facebook Page… which doesn’t look good.
8.) Tradeable Bits –
  • I have used Tradeablbits a few times. It has some great free apps that you can do all sorts of things with depending on your niche and whatever your next or current promotion will be. I will include a screen shot that shows the options. Check it out!


9.) Instagram For Pages
  • Just type Instagram for pages in the search bar in Facebook and this one will come up. If you click the app it just shows you all of the Instagram photos you have.
10.) Instagram Using (If This Then That)
  • If you have an Instagram account and a Facebook Business Page then I would sign up for an account. If you connect your Facebook Page and Instagram with IFTTT there is a Recipe on there that will automatically post your Instagram photos to your Business Facebook Page on the news feed. If This Then That has over 1 million combinations of different recipes (configurations of making something automate with the formula If this > Then That). You connect your social media accounts to it and browse already made ones or create your own. I will go into that program multiple times in the future but that is many posts all in it’s own. Check it out in the meantime and let me know if you get stuck or have questions.
Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you have any other ones you use and can recommend. Also let me know what you are trying to accomplish and I will see if I can find you one. The trick is finding the Free Facebook apps!
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