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Fitness and Lean Are Easy at the Beach

| December 9, 2012 | 0 Comments
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37005357 300x272 Fitness and Lean Are Easy at the BeachVery few people in Western society would not like to be fit and lean. It is not intellectual in a formal sense,  but it does take a strong mind. It might even be strength of mind over brain.  An undisciplined mind with no direction will take the couch potato lets have more ice cream direction.

When you have unlimited recreational opportunities like in Oceanside and you might be daily showing off your physique to the locals and tourists and live among so many fit men and women, you aspirations are easily led in a certain direction.

You cannot surf well without being fit. If you live at the beach, you can surf every day so surfing can make you fit and you can get more fit to surf better.  Paddle boarding can be engaged in the flat Harbor in Oceanside or in the ocean. It is a real work out on the legs, upper body, and core.  Paddling will put you in shape.

Who doesn’t like to walk along the beach and look at waves or the sunset. Then you start thinking you could run in the sand or along the boardwalk and kill two birds with one stone.  Bike riding starts the same way with a beach cruiser, but with bike trails and so many places to go, its easy to ride ten miles.

When the sports and recreation occupy the top of your mind, then making a living and eating healthy are easier companions. You want to plan recreation before and after work and work hard to make money to buy better equipment. Now there is no need to stuff your self with bad food or emotional eating because your emotional space is empty.  The ocean fills you up.


How about some  Surf or Paddle Board Lessons in Oceanside at Marks Surf Instructions. Licensed by the City.

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See where to eat and what to do at Oceanside Harbor Restaurants

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Surf and Paddle Board Instructor at Pier and Harbor in Oceanside. Author of 3 E Books all free at Post everyday on surfing or fitness on websites. Live on the beach at Oceanside and have to say, its not too bad.
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