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Everyone Can Paddle Board

| November 8, 2012 | 2 Comments
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1753374 Everyone Can Paddle BoardPaddle Boarding in a Harbor like Oceanside or a Lagoon like in Carlsbad or a lake is a great way to start. It is so much easier than surfing because:

  • You begin standing up
  • The board often called a SUP (stand up paddle board) is bigger
  • The water is not moving

It is great exercise and better if done properly. The proper stance on the board is knees slightly bent, upper arm straight, and then leaning forward to put paddle in the water and a straight back stroke that uses quads and core as well as shoulders and back.

For a little variety and to prepare for riding waves, you can get into the surfer stance with one foot in front of the other and then the paddling is from side to side.

If you want to try something that will make you fall in the water, try stepping back on the tail and flipping the nose around as you paddle on one side to make a turn. This is the maneuver you would use to turn while riding a wave.

I teach paddle boarding and everyone’s goal is not to fall in. I would rather students fall in a few times to get that out of their focus.  You can also paddle lying on the board with the spoon under your chest and the handle sticking straight out in front of you.

Paddling on your knees is even easier and uses different muscles. You turn the board by paddling backwards on either side. If you are going more than an hour, which seems to be most beginners limit, you can vary the knee and lying down paddling to give your body a rest.


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 Everyone Can Paddle Board

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Surf and Paddle Board Instructor at Pier and Harbor in Oceanside. Author of 3 E Books all free at Post everyday on surfing or fitness on websites. Live on the beach at Oceanside and have to say, its not too bad.
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I am always keen to know how people manage to do this.A  very nice post by you:) but what i guess it requires really hard efforts. Isn't? One should be carrying a good stamina to do paddle boarding. I never do this. But want learn and do it soon:)


I always wanted to know how that worked. I've seen people paddle boarding all over the place!

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