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Evan Bishop Photography San Diego

| October 3, 2012 | 0 Comments
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bishophoto 1330440601 6001 Evan Bishop Photography San Diego Evan Bishop Photography is a photographer that is dedicated to shooting weddings in the Southern California area. You can use his website as a resource for planning your wedding and tips. Evan also has a nice blog on his website that showcases his work with details about each shoot. Weddings can be stressful and you always want everything to be perfect. Meeting and interviewing to find a photographer you can easily get along with is very important. Make sure you take a look and speak to Evan if you are planning a wedding in the San  Diego Area or general Southern California area.


I’ve always been a dreamer. Always. My kindergarten teacher reported that “If Evan would just stop daydreaming and focus he would do much better in class”. So few people are ever encouraged to dream. Even fewer actually live their dreams in spite of being told to focus and ‘do better’. I am that rare person. Every time I pick up my camera to document a wedding I witness two people coming together to realize their dream of spending their lives together. I get to capture that moment. I get to experience that shared dream with each of my couples.

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in photography I put my cameras away for years! It wasn’t until a friend asked me to show him how to use his new camera that I realized how much I missed photography. Since that moment I have pursued living my dream of making photography my life’s purpose.

Get In Touch With Evan:

Phone: 619-578-3841



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evan bishop photography Evan Bishop Photography San Diego

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