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Do you really own your personal belongings?

| October 29, 2012 | 1 Comment
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owned1 Do you really own your personal belongings?For over a year now all Americans have been threatened with specific laws and restrictions when it came to the World Wide Web. A few months back the government wanted to censor the internet and put into effect such acts like the SOPA and PIPA acts. These acts were mostly based on laws to Stop Online Piracy, but also affected regular people in many ways. For example if there was a video on YouTube with someone singing a Michel Jackson song that person would be fined and sentenced for copyright infringement.

November 16,2011 was the American Censorship Day where many of American sites participated in bringing awareness to regular users by temporally bringing there sites down and replacing it with a “Website Blocked” page. Many large corporations such as Craigslist, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Google also participate in spreading awareness to their clients by placing ads and notifications on their websites.  For more info on this act click here.

Almost a year later and once again we are being threaten with another law where we could be held liable for re-selling items that infringe on copyright. What does that mean to us?

Have you ever re-sold a cellphone, dvd, tv, computer, or pretty much anything that you have ever owned? If your answer is yes then you have also broken the law and could be sentenced for copyright infringement. Within the weeks to come there will be attempting to pass a law that prosecutes companies and people who attempt to re-sell goods in any way. Not only will this effects all consumers, but also empower foreign goods over us.

I personally feel that if we don’t act against these types of attacks or support those who are fighting against them that we’ll soon be living in a Country were freedom will only be but a distant thought. These types of laws don’t only hurt us now, but also effect our future. This acts is one that is being taken to the extreme and is something that we should all be aware of.

Click the link below for more information on how to take action.

Don’t Let Copyrights Steal Our Property Rights!

The Supreme Court is hearing that case that will decide if you have the right to resell the things you own.

The Supreme Court might side with Big Business and decide that you don’t have the right to resell things that were made abroad: books, clothes, iPhones — almost anything.

Whether or not you’re posting on your site, will you spread word to your friends — and especially anybody who you know who sells things online?

Whether they use Craigslist, Ebay, Etsy, or just a personal site or a blog, they’ll want to know that their right to keep selling could be in grave jeopardy.

Ebay, Craigslist, and even the old-fashioned garage sale are under threat.

The forces that lined up in support of SOPA — Hollywood, the recording industry, and other huge corporations — are urging the Court to rule against consumers.

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Great post Gabriel. There's still a lot of people that don't know this is going on at all! 

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