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A Local Hero

| March 20, 2013 | 1 Comment
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When we think of hero’s we tend to think of masked men and women flying through the sky to rid our cities of treacherous villains. But what about all the hero’s with out masks that deserve the credit and lime light for their amazing jobs well done? Well, I would like to introduce a local hero by the name of Rae. A Majors-Wildman. This amazing¬†entrepreneur is a Mentor, Business Strategy Consultant, Results Coach, Public Speaker, Founder and President of International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals, and much more!

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Rae had a defining life moment that propelled her into her entrepreneurship when her son was a young child. Her son came home from daycare with bruises and from that moment Rae realized that she wanted-no deserved -the freedom to work independently and also be very involved in her child’s life. Rae had suffered many tragedies herself but always remained victorious! Nothing was going to stand in her way on her path to success! She decided that if she could do all of these amazing things ¬†herself, that it was her calling to help others become successful just as she has. She graduated with Honors in Counseling Psychology and has more than 10,000 hours of coaching experience.

Rae has helped business’ start from the ground up and also business’ in the top Fortune 100 earning over $10 million dollars in sales. She is the Founding Associate Member of Women Speakers Association and she lives here in North San Diego! She has assisted an international business earn up to a million Euro in less than one year!

I had the great opportunity to attend one of her events and take a virtual course with Rae and it was amazing. Her nickname is the ‘Velvet hammer’ because she gently but firmly lets you know what you need to do in order to put yourself in the path to success. It is amazing to have a person who will be honest and upfront with you because it saves you time and is worth EVERY penny!

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Rae is truly a loving and amazing person and she has opened her hearts to her clients making us her family not just business contacts or associates and that is not very easy to find! She will be hosting another workshop called the Sky Rocket Your Sales Summit that will be taking place at the DoubleTree Hilton May 4-5th. If you are interested you can click the previous link and it will direct you to the site for more information.

I believe that everyone has a calling and when you find it your life takes you to amazing heights! Rae has an amazing talent and she is helping others in a major way!







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Tiffany Lowery is a North San Diego local who has grew up here from a very young age. Her family immigrated from Trinidad & Tobago when she was very young. In high school Tiffanyreceived an athletic scholarship in Track & Field to attend CSUSM. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. She is a life design coach, author, and speaker. She also has a passion performing poetry and writing. She has worked with clients to provide researched articles, transcribe blogs into books, written speeches, and assisted with editing. She has her own ezine (online magazine) of her published articles. Her love for entrepreneurial endeavors encompasses community, networking, health & wellness, personal development, fashion, athletics, and much more! She has volunteered and been an ambassador for the Carlsbad Village Business Association. She is utterly grateful for the beautiful city of San Diego that we call home! She values peace, love, happiness, family and loves to cook. Tiffany has written and published her first book entitled, "How to Become the Most Positive and Healthy Person You Know: And How It Attributes to Your Success!" You can order the paperback or the eBook and download it now!
Rae Majors Wildman
Rae Majors Wildman

Wow...I am honored to have such an amazing person spread the word about me!

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