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Accelerating in Surfing Begins All Maneuvers

| November 19, 2012 | 0 Comments
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Every book you read about surfing, competitor or instructor you listen to will tell you speed is crucial for advanced surfing. It takes speed to out race the falling lip and get to the pocket where maneuvers are performed. It takes speed to make the maneuvers.20396644.thb  300x215 Accelerating in Surfing Begins All Maneuvers

Speed starts with the take off on the wave.  The power of the wave is on the top one third so you can approach this in two or three ways. If you angle on the take off, you can position your board at the top of the wave. If you have to drop down the face because the wave is to steep for an angle, you can bottom turn and get to the top portion of the wave.

When you see pros take off on a wave at an angle, their posture is upper torso bent forward over the forward knee with rear knee bent and pointing forward. The first step is to get the nose of the board higher on the wave. Leaning into the wave face with shoulders parallel to board  and hands spread in a straight line parallel to the board and bringing the nose up with the forward foot starts the acceleration.

Some surfers will keep the hands and elbows tucked in closer and pointing forward as they bring the nose up by extending their body up uncoiling and pushing the nose of the board up the face. Both styles will then proceed to   swing their shoulders back perpendicular to the board while compacting and bringing the hands down to be in front of the body and pointing forward.

A competitor would be looking forward at the pocket and the lip deciding what maneuver could best be performed. If he decides to rip the lip, he will drop to the bottom of the face and go into a bottom turn with the trailing hand touching the water.

If he wants to stall on the wave or if the power is dwindling, he may do a cut back to get back to the foam. After each maneuver, he will start the acceleration process again to get speed and look for another trick opportunity.


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