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img 0472 About is going to continue to expand and evolve. We imagined that it could be a great place to blog about North San Diego places as well as have universal categories such as social media tips. Your opinion does matter so please let us know if there is something we can change on the site that will benefit you more.

The North San Diego Community is full of active people that all have experiences to share. We created this site to be able to have anyone in the communities be able to blog about what they want. This could be a great place for you to learn how to blog if you have never blogged before. Get in touch with us via the contact page and we will help you grow. Also as a blogger on the site you get a bio and can have your website and other profiles all there to gain more exposure for yourself and your business. Check the Authors Page to see an example.

This is a user based site so anyone around the San Diego area can blog on it and be apart of it. If you do not see a category that fits what you would like to blog about then please let us know and we will make one for you. We will also be pushing the blog posts out via social media channels. If you would like to help run some of the social media channels and learn more about social media then please contact us and we will get you set up. If you are a business you are more than welcome to submit your articles as blog posts and write about your business on the site. Please keep the direct selling to a  minimum. We understand if you are having a slow week and want to put out a deal or call to action for people then that’s ok. Just don’t do it every day.Try to stick to education based marketing and sharing great information, stories, articles, and whatever you feel like posting.

We would like to be able to support the locally owned businesses as best we can and provide another free option for them to get word of mouth online.


Connecting The North San Diego Community


Becoming the go to source for user based content in the North San Diego County Area.

Benefits Of Blogging On

  • Learn Social Media – a couple of people that take interest in the site I will train personally how to run social media accounts using – I will give you a personal recommendation / character reference letter and have any potential employer give me a call
  • Get creative and have fun – if you don’t see a category you would like just ask me and I will create one for you – whatever you are passionate about, write about
  • Photographers and artists can utilize the site to showcase their work as well – you can add a whole gallery and embed YouTube videos on your posts
  • Your posts will be shared on social media channels (Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube channel, Google+ page) and any other ones that are up.
  • If you take the time to learn how to blog properly your posts will be keyword optimized, show up in Google Search results, indexed, and will be submitted to link submission sites.
  • Gain exposure for yourself, your business, become an authority figure on your topic locally, and promote your events
  • Events are a full page and you can add a new event right after registering. They will also be shared for free.

Goals for (will change as it goes along):

  • Help connect local residents to businesses, businesses to residents, residents to residents, businesses to businesses
  • Give small businesses, professionals, and everyone else a free resource to be heard
  • Use it as a networking platform and have meetups using
  • Showcase the different beaches, hiking spots, fishing, any outdoors activities by personal experiences
  • Showcase local restaurants & businesses in the same format
  • Showcase additional places such as trips to Big Bear and other trip locations
  • Showcase inside activities, theme parks, zoos, museums, and anything else
  • Use social media to promote the blog posts for the businesses and help them get their name out more through social channels has a small team of knowledgeable online marketers that provide website design among many other services. Go the Hire Us page for more information on the skills of each team member. Don’t forget to look at the Authors page and contact them for any services they provide as well.

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