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A Simple Fitness Program

| November 9, 2012 | 0 Comments
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I classify fitness as a state where a person has a lean body, can exercise competently in one or more endeavors, eats healthy, and is immune from the daily sicknesses that pass through our environment. 20997243.thb  222x300 A Simple Fitness Program

In the most extreme cycle of fitness our blood would be alkaline which would prevent the vulnerability to cancer and eliminate our vulnerability to sickness and disease other than genetic bombs we can’t dodge.

Lean and alkaline generally result in consumption of mostly natural foods with a high priority on fruits and vegetables. The first stage is eliminating processed foods that come in boxes and cans and avoiding restaurant cooking for as many meals as possible.

When the body has the nutrients it recognizes, it will start releasing food encapsulated in fat the body has contained to protect its own organs. Lean comes mostly from eating, but exercise helps.

The human body expects to burn muscle every day. It hasn’t changed much in our 200,000 years of existence. Latest studies show we haven’t descended from Neanderthals nor become better monkeys. We are unique.

Give yourself a long time to develop habits that will become ingrained permanently. Over 4 years I lost 45 pounds to get back to my high school weight by eliminating foods, adding better foods, and increasing my exercise.

Start slow, but remain steady. Keep improving. You will feel better, look better, develop pride, buy smaller clothes, and get more complements from looking healthy than anything else you could do.


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 A Simple Fitness Program

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