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4 Food Groups To Fear – SNAC

| September 19, 2012 | 1 Comment
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Knowing what foods to avoid is just as important as know what to eat.  Instead of focusing on specific foods to avoid  break it down into 4 groups.

4 Food Groups To Fear:

1.) Sugars-Foods high in sugar can increase an insulin-like growth factor, a hormone that responds to spikes in blood glucose levels which can stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Does the household scream for something sweet? Chocolate, preferably dark is a satisfy treat. Berries in sherbet or top angel food cake with some fresh berries.

2.) Processed Foods- Most pre packaged and processed foods contain trans fats that have been linked to certain cancers, obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes. Avoid purchasing packaged and processed foods whenever possible.

3.) Meat-Charred meats contain cancer-causing chemicals called heterocyclicamines, and a preference for meat cooked well done correlates with increased risk of developing certain cancers. When eating beef choose organically raised animals that don’t receive growth hormones.

4.) Alcohol- Moderate alcohol intake (1 drink a day) helps protect against cardiovascular disease. However excessive drinking can increase estrogen levels in the blood and increased estrogen has been associated with a higher risk of developing certain cancers.

Knowing what to keep off your family’s menu is so important. Of course complete elimination of these 4 fearsome food groups is difficult, moderation is key.

By Carrie Chacon with SNAC

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Carrie Chacon is the founder and Chief Nutrition Officer of SNAC and a certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant with over 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry. SNAC is currently being used in the Oceanside Unified School District and included as part of the Girls Scouts Wellness badge. Chacon has 2 very active kids and is currently pursuing a life degree in parenting. The ever-changing curriculum keeps her on her toes, but she loves the challenge. Chacon conveys a simple message through SNAC “When kids eat well they feel well. Eating simple foods that fuel the body keeps kids strong and healthy.”
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