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3 Tools To Protect Your Computer

| October 3, 2012 | 4 Comments
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A couple of weeks ago my computer was hit with Malware hard. I thought I was going to lose the computer until Gabriel (web developer/IT that has worked on this site) showed me onto three tools. I ran the programs and my computer is better than ever. Since I installed the programs it has blocked and detected Malware almost daily. The amount of unsafe sites and links out on the internet is unbelievable. Some people really don’t have anything better to do! I always forget that you really do need a computer clean up/defrag tool, firewall program, malware program, and anti virus in order to really protect your PC.

The 3 Tools To Protect Your Computer: 

1.) Malwarebytes:

Malwarebytes I have known about for years and stubbornly didn’t put it on my computer. This is the program that saved my computer and has been doing a great job ever since. The full scan takes hours to perform but I highly recommend taking the time to do it. The trial version lasted about 2-4 weeks and it’s the only one I actually purchased. It’s about $24 for the full version after the trail period. You can also go online and find a coupon code so it ended up being about $20. I haven’t delved into everything on it yet but it runs on your computer and stops Malware before it starts. I know for myself I often forget how important these protection tools are until it’s almost too late. Malwarebytes I wanted to do an affiliate link/ad for because that’s how much I recommend it. As soon as this site gets under 1 million on Alexa I will have it on here.

malware bytes 3 Tools To Protect Your Computer

2.) Eset

Eset was the virus protection program Gabriel had recommended. It took a few hours to run the whole thing but it found a lot of infected files on my computer that the free program I had installed didn’t even come close to finding. It has about a 1 month trial and then it’s $40-60 to buy. I will be purchasing this program when the trial ends. It’s a pretty standard, easy-to-use, program that will run and protect your computer without having to manually scan. It’s worked great so far check it out!

eset 3 Tools To Protect Your Computer

3.) Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is an amazing program. It’s one of my favorites that Gabriel had recommended. There’s A LOT you can do with this program and it’s all easy to use. This program is free for private use.

Some of the options with Glary Utilities are:

  •  Disk Cleaner – Removes junk data from your disks and recovers disk space
  • Registry Cleaner – cleans up your registry to improve system’s performance
  • Uninstall manager – you can uninstall your programs on your computer directly from here and it works way better
  • Startup Manager – Easily change what programs start up
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Registry Defrag – Defrag your windows to speed up your computer
  • Erase all of your internet history throughout all of your browsers
  • File Shredder – delete your files forever – when you use the recycle bin they aren’t really gone
  • Encrypter and Decrypter
  • Disk Analysis
  • Delete duplicate files
  • Removes empty folders you have on your computer
  • File Splitter – Will split them into smaller pieces and rejoin them to create more space
  • System tools – offers a variety of options to optimize programs, hardware, and software

 glary utilities 3 Tools To Protect Your Computer

I hope you can utilize some of these tools and it helps save you in the future! If you have anything else to add to help just add it in the comments.

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I only use AVG Internet Security Business Edition, it have all the anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-rootkit and so many programs inbuild in it. I never felt any requirement of using any other third party software for malwares and viruses.


I wasn't familiar with Eset  and will check it out.  Malwarebytes and Glary are both favorites of mine that have gotten me and my friends out of trouble more than once.


 @haroldgardner Ya Malwarebytes is my favorite. Eset I still haven't upgraded but I will be very soon! It did a great job of catching everything right away that other programs couldn't.

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