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3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013

| February 18, 2013 | 2 Comments
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matt social Media page 3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013There are so many Social Media platforms out there now.. and even more 3rd party programs/tools to help manage them.  I’ve spent hours upon hours over the last couple of years trying new social media management tools as well as the social networks themselves. It’s not that easy to find ones that are affordable that can do everything you want them to.

Often I find one only has a couple of the features and not nearly all of the ones that I am looking for. Unless you can afford to spend $300, even 500$+ a month on really expensive ones, then take a look below at some more affordable programs that I have narrowed it down to.  I’ve recently cancelled Hootsuite & to try out some of these other ones.

3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013

1.) Sendible –  Social Media Management,  Publishing, Scheduling,  Automation,  & More

  • Publishing options include Subject/Title, Photos/files (photos post great and not as a link they have to open), Ability To add YouTube videos, tags, and Scheduling. 
  • Groups – You can group together different services and send out a message to the group you created (So I have groups for messages that go to platforms that have hashtags and ones that don’t)
  • It actually has all of the options for Facebook such as Post A Question, Post a Coupon, upload photos to albums, and that helps save a bunch of time.
  • Google + pages, YouTube (post to youtube as well) , Instagram (like, comment, share options in feed), slideshare, and much more.
  • Brand & Keyword Monitoring & Monitor Yelp Reviews
  • Quick Reports and Custom Reports (including best times to post, engagement probability, clicks, and volume)
  • Automation (RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) SMS & Email Automation
  • Text Message Campaigns (not the cheapest but not too expensive either)
  • Priority Inbox (combines mentions, messages, and notifications from social networks to respond to)
  • Affordable Pricing (See Images In Gallery)
  • Assign Messages To Team Members
  • Bookmark Extension To Easily Find Content To Schedule & Post

2.) Circloscope – Google Plus Uncircle Tool

uncirclers1 300x112 3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013

  • Chrome Extension, simple, and works 
  • Automatically will detect all of the people that aren’t circling you back and you can uncircle them all in one click
  • Can choose specific circles or people to uncircle
  • CHEAP! One time charge of 5$
  • Fast response, you just buy it and email the developer and he sets it up for you

Circloscope premium in Chrome webstore:

extensionuncirrcles 3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013
Circloscope Page on Google+:

Developer Profile on Google+ (Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh):

3.)  Simply Measured – Reports, Analytics, & Data Collections

  • Free Reports – They have free report options as long as you send out a Tweet/Post for them
  • Blog Performance reports, Social Reports, Influencer Reports, Traffic Source Analysis, & a bunch more.
  • Great for employers, clients, & campaigns to see what is working the best.

I have a call scheduled with Simply Measured this week so get in touch at the end of the week if you would like to know more about it.

Click Here To See The Report In Your Web Browser:



 Onlywire & Hootsuite Updates

onlywires 3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013I recently stopped using Hootsuite & Onlywire to test these other ones out. Here’s the email I sent back to in regards to my cancellation:

Issues I experienced: 

  • Very shortly after I hooked up two different onlywire accounts with the google logins, both gmail accounts were giving your account may be in danger, change your password errors. That happened shortly after the first post went out in onlywire on two different accounts for different businesses.
  • The RSS option is decent but it turns the links into onlywire links which is not good for social media. People won’t click on those links and know it’s automated.
  • The onlywire plugin once installed (on two different sites) was better but still didn’t get a lot of clicks. Both sites were slowed down tremendously by the onlywire plugin and posts wouldn’t show up for 1-2 hours at times.
  • Both the RSS/wordpress plugin should have the ability to put a tag (s) into the posts so when it goes to sites with hashtags they can be categorized and get more clicks (google plus and twitter for sure)
  • If I do one blog post a day then it will only give me 25 days of the month to post to the services before the limit fills up. On my site when it’s active there are 3-6 new posts a day so that doesn’t go very far and I would be forced to upgrade if I wanted all of the posts to go out
  • A lot of the services had issues connecting on both OnlyWire accounts. Google connection issues, reddit, and there were a handful of the services that you couldn’t even sign up for anymore so I ended up wasting a good hour or two setting those services and running into all sorts of errors till i figured out they just don’t work at all
onlywire 3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013What I would change
  • Do one plan for like 10 a month and another for 20 a month. The 15-20$ a month plan could be unlimited messages
  • Fix the WordPress plugin, I could be wrong but i think what’s causing the slow issue is before the WordPress post goes out, it goes out to all of the Onlywire services which take time, so if the plugin was switched to have the post go live first then do that, it will be a lot better
  • Don’t put the services on there if they don’t work
  • Fix the links for the RSS

The OnlyWire Customer Service team was quick to respond though and if they make changes in the future I will take another look into it.

hootsuite 3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013Hootsuite I still recommend (especially since it’s free for up to 5 accounts) and may return to it in the future. If they add Google+ Personal Pages I will upgrade again. But let’s dive into the list of a couple programs I am currently using.

I will always be looking into others to see what combination will work best. If you have any you are using that you want to add just put them in the comments!

If you are looking to get on board with the huge growth of video then send me an email at or fill the form out below. I am currently doing video ranking work (so they show up in Search Engines).

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