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3 Awesome Free WordPress Plugins

| September 29, 2012 | 2 Comments
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There are thousands of WordPress plugins available to your website that range from social media sharing, SEO, mobile, Sitemaps, galleries, and MUCH more. I am going to just share 3 plugins that are some of my favorites. Let’s dive right in.

3 Awesome Free WordPress Plugins: 

1.) AS-PDF - This plugin will automatically turn your blog posts and pages into a PDF. All you have to do is install and activate. That’s it! I discovered this plugin at a local WordPress Meetup. It will instantly double the pages on your website which help with SEO. It will also create a PDF option to grab the PDF right off of the Google search results. And of course if you have a useful post someone can download it and save it right to their computer in a matter of seconds.

2.) Wibiya - This has been one of my favorite plugins for a while now. It’s a free social media share bar that comes up on the bottom of the screen. They just recently came out with a new version that will detect where the person came to your site from. So if someone clicks a link from Facebook and gets to the site the bar at the bottom will just be blue all geared towards Facebook to get them to like your Facebook page. It can also detect if someone comes to the site from a different country and will ask them to translate it. Just go to to get started. It’s free! Get in touch if you need any help with it.

wibiyahome 3 Awesome Free Wordpress Plugins

3.) WPtouch – This plugin turns your blog into a mobile site. It is made for blogs so if you don’t have a blog style WordPress website then I would go with something else. I installed this plugin and fell in love with it immediately (took it to dinner, the movies, bought it flowers.. the whole deal). The free version is great. It takes a little bit of tinkering with but it’s really easy and basic. It’s only a one time 50$ fee to upgrade to the pro version. I went ahead and upgraded. The pro version has a lot more to offer. This is the only mobile site I will ever need for this website. It can integrate with Google Adsense and with the pro version I believe I can have a display ad type in there. I will be looking into that soon. Here’s the link to get it: I’m going to show you a couple of pictures of what it looks like on the Ipad and Iphone as well as the back end.

 Hope you can put these to good use. I will share more in the future. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

By Matt Massaro

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Ya, all three are great plugins you mentioned here. Formerly, I used wibiya on my website then removed it due to jquery conflicts with other plugins. But still, I just loved the toolbar and want to give it a try once again.

Also WP-touch is also a great and must have plugin now-a-days to  make your website responsive and platform independent.

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