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2 More Reasons To Use Google Plus

| October 13, 2012 | 1 Comment
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Google Plus is becoming my favorite social media networks for many reasons. There’s an active and open community on the platform once you dig into it a little bit. There’s also so many different tools available and little tricks within the platform that it is just crazy. There is an option to share an entire Circle with people and then you can add an entire circle. So I can search for a social media circle that someone shared and instantly add 500 people. There’s a very good percentage of people that do circle you back on Google Plus.

You want to be in as many circles as possible on Google Plus because it’s all integrated into Google Search results. If I’m searching “best wordpress plugins” in Google and someone in my circles either wrote a post about that/shared a post about that then those results will show up first or very high in the search results. The same goes with pictures and videos. If you have shared a picture or posted a picture in Google+ then they will appear in the images section of Google search before any of the other pictures. I always see pictures of people I have in circles before any organic pictures.

I would suggest getting on Google Plus if you haven’t already and start adding everything you can and interacting. It’s still growing as a platform and there’s still so much I can learn about it and how to utilize it the best way possible.

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google plus is fast emerging social networking website after twitter and facebook. As you mentioned above that gplus is integrated with google search results, so its best for SEO purpose also. If you have a website/blog and want top ranking in SE's, then join and interact with as many people as you can.

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